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David Handy, JD

Attorney and Counselor at Law

David is a family and criminal law attorney with years of experience as a former prosecutor for Carbon County and Salt Lake City. He believes in people- that they are good, they deserve to be listened to and treated with respect, and just need someone to be on their side. He is compassionate, level-headed, and solution-oriented. He would rather put in the work to find a solution that works for his client than set them up for a fight that will cost them more time, money, and stress. He grew up all over the country, graduated from high school in Las Vegas and served as an LDS missionary in South Korea. He received a Bachelor’s in History from Utah State and graduated from law school at Ohio Northern. He is also a husband, father, and proud servicemember with over a decade in the Army National Guard and Army Reserve on top of his law practice. He loves good food, good books, good movies, and a good workout. Attorney Handy helps0 clients in the following practice areas:

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