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6 Ways to Protect Yourself During a Utah Divorce

6 Ways to Protect Yourself During a Utah Divorce

Sometimes a divorce is the only option. But don’t rush into it without doing a few things to protect yourself. If you are still communicating with your spouse, it may be smart to discuss a mediated divorce. If not, keeping the following in mind can help:

  • Speak with an attorney. Many divorce attorneys offer free consultations. This is your time to meet with various attorneys not only to decide which lawyer to hire, but to get a better idea out of what you can expect in your divorce.
  • If you have children, don’t move out. Moving out could ruin your chance of gaining custody in the future.
  • Do not sign anything that you’re unsure of. Even informal written agreements can come back to haunt you in court. Always speak with your lawyer before signing anything.
  • Cancel joint credit cards. Be sure to tell your spouse you are canceling a credit card, but also protect yourself against any ludicrous charges that might be made after the separation.
  • Secure records. It is a good idea to secure and make copies of your financial records, including tax returns, credit card statements, loan applications and pay stubs. Also, protect important personal records such as Social Security cards and birth certificates.
  • Make a budget. Divorces aren’t always easy on your wallet. Consider making a budget to help you keep your finances under control during the proceedings.

A Study Finds that 79 Percent of Separations End in Divorce

A new study from researchers at Ohio State University reveals that approximately 79 percent of married couples that separate end up getting divorced.

According to researcher Dmitry Tumin, the majority of separations in America last for one year or less, though some can drag on for many years. While some separations remain unresolved and a few lead to reconciliation, the vast majority end in divorce. I’ve personally seen this as a divorce lawyer. It is very common practice, even in Utah.

The researchers found that the average amount of time for a first separation is approximately four years. For respondents that divorce after separating the average length is three years, and for those who reunite, the average length is two years. There was not a single instance in the study of a couple reuniting after three years of separation. Correspondingly, those separations that last for less than a year are significantly more likely to end in couples reuniting, which means that the longer the separation goes, the more likely it is that a divorce will eventually occur.

These findings, while not particularly surprising, may be of interest for people who are considering separation. Many people separate in hopes that time apart will do their relationship some good, but in reality, it would seem that not much changes during the course of a separation.

There can be some benefits to a separation, including tax breaks and less financial and emotional strain due to divorce court proceedings. However, for some people, separation may seem as though they are simply delaying the inevitable.

What Are My Options If I Want to Get a Divorce?

Most people fear divorce. They do not know what to expect and they are afraid of what may happen during and after the dissolution of their marriage. They are afraid of the costs of divorce and of the large amount of time that may be needed to end their marriage. So instead of facing the problems in their marriage, some choose to stay in a loveless relationship that drains them emotionally, physically and financially. But that only works for a time.

If you reach the point where you would like to get out of your marriage, you should understand that there are a number of ways to go about getting a divorce. While the process may be difficult, it is usually worth the effort.

But forceful attorneys know how to negotiate for a fair resolution of these difficult issues. Sometimes, mediation is the best approach, and experienced divorce lawyers can guide you through the mediation process keeping you out of court while protecting your rights and doing what is best for your family. Most divorces do not go to trial, but with a skilled divorce attorney in your corner you can make sure your rights are protected throughout the divorce process.

Free Consultation with a Utah Divorce Attorney

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