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Heroin Laws

heroin laws

Heroin is a drug that doesn’t have any acceptable medical use. It is a highly addictive drug that can devastate individuals, families and communities. Federal drug regulations list heroin as a Schedule I narcotic. Utah law views heroin possession, sales and trafficking as very serious crimes that carry serious penalties.

Are heroin charges felonies or misdemeanors?

All charges related to heroin are felony charges. Even if you are only charged with possession of heroin, you are still being charged with a felony. A first offense of possession of heroin is a third-degree felony. A first offense sale of heroin charge is a second-degree felony. Subsequent offenses and some offenses involving special considerations are moved up to a felony charge that is one level more serious.

Can heroin convictions be resolved through drug court?

Some heroin-related cases might be resolved through drug court. This isn’t an option for those who are facing federal heroin charges.

What are the penalties for heroin convictions?

The penalties for heroin convictions vary greatly depending on the circumstances of the case. Selling heroin within 1,000 feet of a school or to a minor carries a five-year minimum sentence. Possession of heroin can carry up to five years in prison.

Facing a heroin charge in Utah is a serious matter. Whether you are facing a possession charge or a charge for selling heroin, you should get started on your defense right away. Learning the options that pertain to your case is a good place to start when you are trying to decide how to handle your defense.

What Are The Utah Laws Regarding Marijuana?

The legality of marijuana is something that seems to be making the headlines almost constantly these days. One of Utah’s neighboring states has legalized the drug on a state level; however, marijuana remains illegal on the federal level. Utah isn’t one of the states that decriminalized marijuana, so having any amount of it in the state is a crime.

Are marijuana charges felonies or misdemeanors?

All marijuana charges except two are considered felony charges. The two misdemeanors are possession of marijuana in an amount of less than an ounce and possession of up to 16 ounces of marijuana not yet extracted from the plant. All other drug charges are felony charges.

What are the possible penalties for marijuana charges in Utah?

Marijuana charges can lead to a host of penalties. If you are convicted of selling marijuana, you are facing up to 15 years in prison. In fact, if you sell to a minor or within 1,000 feet of a school, there is a five-year minimum sentence if you are convicted.

Is medical marijuana legal in Utah?

No. In all but a few very narrow cases, medical marijuana isn’t legal in Utah. A person who is suffering from an epileptic disorder is allowed to have a small amount of cannabidiol for medical treatment.

Determining a suitable defense for a marijuana charge must take several factors into account, which entails a working knowledge of the current laws in Utah. You should begin exploring your options for a defense as soon as possible after you learn what charges you are facing. Once you decide on a strategy, you can begin building your defense.

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