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Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

There are so many sports kids can get involved in nowadays. One season you may be a soccer mom, the next you’re cheering at a football game and finally, you’re in the stands at a gymnastics meet. As your children grow up playing any number of sports, personal injury cases are going to be inevitable.

Do you have any rights when there is a Sports Injury?

As an Injury Lawyer, I’ve reviewed the statistics and there are three and a half million kids under the age of 14 who receive medical attention for sports injuries each year. More than half of these injuries occur during practice, rather than a game. Individual sports, such as gymnastics, usually see more severe injuries. Contact sport injuries occur more often. Children should be aware, in order to stay safer in practice and be able to make it to those games.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

Children are typically covered by their parent’s insurance policy. It is possible to file a third-party claim under the liability of the organization or business responsible for the injury.

If your child does acquire a personal injury, you may want to hire a lawyer to discuss your options. Insurance will typically only cover the child’s medical treatment. That leaves a lack of compensation for any other kind of pain and suffering they may be going through.

Filing for a Personal Lawsuit

If you are seeking compensation outside of basic medical treatment, you will need to hire a personal injury lawyer who will assist you when it comes to filing a claim. They will help you figure out who contributed to your child’s personal injury and what, if anything, they are responsible to pay for.

For example, you can file a lawsuit against insufficiently trained employees, unsafe equipment, inadequate supervision and several other minor factors.

Playing sports can be fun for your kids. What’s not fun is when they have a life-changing personal injury. If your child has suffered from an injury because of someone else, they can receive compensation—contact one of our attorneys to find out how.


As parents, when you’re considering sending your child to summer camp, many worries come to mind. Will your child miss you? How can you know he or she will be safe?

But when you’re a parent of a child with asthma, that worry increases tenfold. What if your child doesn’t have her inhaler when her asthma is triggered?

Too many people have dealt with a wrongful death lawyer as a result of a poorly handled asthma attack. By staying aware of the risks and teaching your child what to do in case of emergency, you can sleep soundly knowing that no matter where she hikes in Salt Lake or Bountiful, Utah, she’ll know how to take care of her asthma.


Any asthmatics can tell you that the best tool they have in their arsenal is their awareness. By knowing what sets off an asthma attack, asthmatics can better prepare for when they’re on the trails of St. George.

Summer brings an increase in pollen count. This increase can actually make allergies to peaches, melons, apples and celery worse than usual. Any wrongful death lawyer can tell you that the best way to increase your awareness is by allergy testing. There’s no reason to just “grin and bear it.”


The “wheezing for air” feeling is a nightmare for asthmatics. When your child is running through the national parks in Sandy, Utah, she can easily forget to pack her inhaler. Through a few tips and tricks, you can teach your child to manage her asthma when she doesn’t have the proper medicine.

The three phrases your child should remember is to move away, breathe and stay calm.

She needs to move away from the allergens irritating her. She needs to remember the proper breathing technique to get hyperventilation under control — small breath in and out, hold her breath until the first signs of air hunger and then breathe normally. Lastly but most importantly, she needs to stay calm.

With these simple hacks, your child will stay happy and healthy all summer long, and you won’t have a need to contact a wrongful death lawyer.

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