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This is a Card That Our Office Received In The Mail On June 4, 2020 From One Of Our Clients. Names have been redacted for privacy purposes.

This is a 5 Star Review That Our Office Received On Facebook.

This Thank You Card was received by our office on April 8, 2019.

Review of Michael Anderson

“My experience was unlike all of the stories one hears of attorneys. Mike and his team were absolutely spot on with their communication, follow-up, understanding and ultimately the results. They were aware of my budget and worked hard to keep me there.

I am truly appreciative of there complete caring and handling of my situation.”
– A Satisfied Client

“Mike Anderson and Greg Lyle have really helped me with a real estate quiet title action. These guys know real estate law. If you are in South Jordan – you should see them for real estate litigation.”
– George H.
“I want to take a moment and tell you about Michael Anderson – I will try to keep it short. Mike is not only a family man that is good to his wife and kids, but he is an amazing lawyer. I have learned that when you have to choose an attorney to fight for you and your child’s life in court, you should review the prior successes of the attorney. But honestly, not only did I need an aggressive pit-bull type of attorney, I also needed an attorney with a kind heart, someone that could handle an over-aggressive ex and also be caring to me. That’s exactly what Mike Anderson is. A caring family law attorney and also an aggressive advocate in court. I highly recommend Mike, Colt and Greg and all of their professional staff (I’ve spoken with all of them over this child custody dispute and divorce mess). Not only does Mike have the life skills of being a loving husband and father to his 3 kids, but he knows the law and is able to help you look forward and help you with the problems here and now. He’s good. Really good. Mike really helped me through this stressful time in my life. When it’s your turn to have to fight in West Jordan or Salt Lake (I’ve been in both courts) you better make sure Michael Anderson is on your side. If he’s on the other side – look out! Thanks for everything Mike.”
– Jeffery L.
“Where to being? Greg Lyle asked me to give him a testimonial or review about how he handled my divorce case. The reason Greg asked me to do this is because he did so good, he even got my ex yelled at by the judge! I know, right?! First rule in a courtroom (or so I’ve been told) is that you don’t want to piss off the judge. That’s what my ex did – she got the judge mad at her. So Greg’s a great lawyer. He’s probably the top divorce lawyer in Utah… well, for me, he is the top divorce attorney because he won my case. With Greg’s help, I literally got everything I wanted. Yes, it was expensive because of all of the fighting. But my family helped me and it was worth it in the end. All I can say is – I am so happy that I hired Greg Lyle as my divorce lawyer.”
– Sagor R.
“My experience with Greg Lyle was the most painless of all the many horrible things that a DUI charge will bring with it. The reason I say it was painless was because he knows exactly what he is doing. You know once you talk to him that this isn’t his first rodeo. Greg has confidence in what he is doing witch really helped me during this hard time. This was not the case with other lawyers that I talked to. They told me things that I wanted to hear to try to sell me. That just made my situation worse and lengthened the process and cost. I had some priors so this wasn’t a simple case, but after hiring Mr. Rush he got everything worked out and he found flaws in the prosecution’s case against me. He found their mistakes and their missing information which made all the difference. Other lawyers don’t even read the reports but Greg knew all the details. So, if you have criminal case, I give you my testimonial that he is professional, ethical, smart, and has a good team working with him and you never find yourself trying to track him down for stuff. I can’t tell you how happy I am. Thanks Greg!!!”
– Elise J.
“We cannot say enough great things about our experience with Colt Salter and his legal team. They were so concerned about our situation and very caring and clearly committed to us. Colt really makes you feel like what you have going on is as important to him as it is to you (even though you know he’s not directly involved). Knowledgeable, witty, smart, and responsive. We would recommend him without hesitation to anyone seeking an experienced trial lawyer in Utah.”
– A Satisfied Client
“This past year has been one of the hardest of my life. My spouse mentally abused me for years and I just hung in there for so long for the kids. One day, my oldest said to me “I think you’d be happier if you got divorced.” I knew that I would need the best divorce lawyer in Utah, so I spoke to a few of my divorced friends and after listening to them and after speaking with Mike Anderson, I knew I had found the right divorce lawyer for me. He took care of everything. He did the paperwork, filed it quickly, got the ball rolling. In the end, I think we fought more than we should have, but really, it settled once my ex found out that I was right and my attorney was going to take him to the cleaners. So, it’s over now. The house in Riverton, Utah has been sold and I got half of the equity. I’m doing much better now. I can’t thank Mike Anderson and his team enough. They really cared about me and my case and it showed. If you want the top Utah divorce attorney, call Mike. He listens, cares and he’ll fight for you.”
– A Satisfied Client
“Mike has represented my company for over 10 years. He has successfully handled everything that’s been thrown at me from business structuring issues, employment issues, lawsuits, an i-9 audit, 1 merger and 2 acquisitions. He even did my estate planning and my parent’s estate planning. He’s done my son’s marijuana charge and my oldest daughter’s divorce. He’s pretty much family now. He is responsive, accessible, and smart. We call him our “in-house counsel” even though he isn’t. I give my highest recommend to him and his staff.
– Sally R.
“I like these guys, they worked as a team to get my lawsuit resolved. As far as my divorce and child custody case, they know their stuff. I really wanted to settle quickly. It wasn’t as fast as I wanted, but it got done and I am so much happier for it.”
– Kermit R.
“I am originally from outside the United States. I lived in Utah for several years. I am a part owner of an international business and I needed to get divorced. I found divorce attorney Colt Salter. It is rare to find reasonably priced lawyers who practice both in International business law and divorce law in Utah. Colt represented me in 2017 and did a great job. I must be honest. I didn’t get everything I wanted in the divorce, but I did get the most important things. There were only 2 court hearings and mediation for the divorce, and I did want to settle. Just know when you settle, you won’t get everything. Overall, I give Colt 5 stars because he cares about his clients and they are honest and reliable. He worked hard on my cases and it showed.”
– kristen S.
“They helped me get divorced from my cheating ex-husband. We had only been married a short time, but when I found out he was cheating on me, I had the mattress thrown out along with him and we were done. We got the divorce done quickly and now I’ve moved on. If you need a divorce in Utah, call Mike, he gets the job done.”
– Jennifer E.
“I’ve only had to hire 2 attorneys before. One was in New Jersey and the other was for a lawsuit in South Jordan Utah. I came across Andy LaPorta’s name on the internet and read some of his writings so I decided to give him a shot. Andy was the best divorce attorney in South Jordan Utah for sure. I could tell he was interested in what I was saying and he wanted to help me. That’s hard to find. Andy took care of everything and was very responsive. Everyone should have such a divorce lawyer. You won’t go wrong here…”
– James G.
“I’ve used these guys for family law and alimony issues. They handled the case professionally. It ended quickly thanks to their negotiations.”
– Wolff B.
“So I was stupid. I was going through life when I found out my wife was cheating on me. I didn’t know what to do or where to go. I hired Colt Salter to be my divorce attorney but then, I got so depressed I went out drinking and then I drove home. I didn’t cause an accident, but I drove so slowly and crossed lanes that the cops pulled me over. I got charged with a DUI. I called Colt for a referral and he told me that he does criminal defense law too. I was really worried how this would end up not just in the criminal side but on my divorce case too. So anyway, it ended up being so much better than I could have expected. Colt was able to use this in divorce court to show how my wife had caused my depression which resulted in me drinking and driving. The court had pity on me. I lucked out because Colt knew how to handle both cases and he took care of me. Now, I’m back on my feet and moving forward in life. I actually have hope for the future. If you want the best criminal attorney and top divorce lawyer in Utah, call Colt. He saved my life.”
– David S.
“Michael and his team of lawyers really helped me get through some tough times in my life and in my business. Overally, it was a horrible process to go through, but I couldn’t have been happier with the results. If you are considering this law firm – don’t hesitate to call. He actually cares and becomes your friend. I’m glad my legal problems are over, but if I ever have an issues, this is my guy. He should be your guy too.”
– Craig S.

“As far as I am concerned attorney Mike is the top family law lawyer in all of Utah — Prior to hiring Mike, I was involved in a four year divorce battle in Salt Lake City, Utah. My now ex-husband had filed for divorce and tried to take virtually all the marital property as his own. He was stationed in the military and I was living out of state.

Anyway, I had gone through two other attorneys in Salt Lake and some located in other cities in Utah. I had nothing but problems with them. They wouldn’t move the case forward. They wouldn’t get me copies of documents. They wouldn’t call me back. There are both good and bad lawyers out there and I can’t say enough about Mike. He is kind, understanding and I could tell he wanted to help me. I had to get my mom to help pay for him, but it was worth every penny. These other attorneys would miss deadlines on filing documents, and basically not keep me informed about what was going on.

Long story short, I was referred to Mike. Holy Smokes!! A God send! First, I spoke with his staff (both Karen and Lea were great); then when I spoke with Mike, he listened to all my fears and problems with other lawyers. Mike or his staff always called me back and documents were given to me when I needed them. He explained how the process worked and told me what to expect. The best part was that he is amazing in court – he is confident and speaks clearly. He’s not afraid to argue aggressively and you could tell he’s been in court before. It spite of my ex-husband and his dumb attorney’s efforts to drag everything out as long as possible, Mike came on board and what was four years was concluded in 6 months once I got him on board. Being out of state was hard too, but this guy knows what he’s doing. Don’t waste your time with other lawyers. Give Mike a call. I can’t thank him enough.”

– Ashley O.

“Our experience with Ascent Law has been wonderful. They have helped us with several rental property issues, and their advice has been spot on every time. I can highly recommend them.”
– Muddy B.
“My wife and I started using Michael Anderson about ten years ago. Our newborn daughter had some medical issues (some due to malpractice) and he helped us protect our credit and get some of the charges removed. We have used him several times since and have recommended him to friends and family.”
– Jared T.
“He sido representado por los abogados Ascent Law. Los dos son muy buenos. Ellos me audaron con el caso de real state. Me gusta como saben de las leyes y siempre quieren auydarme. No me juzgaron tampoco. El costo fue de $200 por mes por unos 5 meses y fue todo. Los recomendo.”
– Maria F.
“I have worked with other attorneys before, and I can tell you that Ascent Law really cares about their clients. They think in ways other attorneys don’t. They give you all the options they can think of and then help you implement them to protect your wealth.”
– J.M.

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