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Contract Lawyers

Not only do we have years of experience in all aspects of contract formation, contract interpretation and contract dispute resolution which is a valuable asset to have on your side, we also help you avoid court when there is a contract dispute.  Most of the time, we are able to negotiate with the opposing party and resolve the matter without going to court.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. When we cannot resolve matters outside of court, we assist our clients in knowing what the law is, what there chances of success in court are and how to proceed. We have litigated hundreds of cases and we know how the court systems work.

One of our business clients was awarded a judgment in excess of $1.7 million in 2010. That’s what happens when you have a winning case with winning facts on your side, along with a good attorney.

We handle both large and small matters — if you have a contract dispute, please bring the contract with you to your first appointment. That way, we can review the document during our meeting.  Remember, at The Ascent Law. your first meeting with us is always free, so you don’t need to worry about coming in to meet with a licensed attorney.

No matter what type of contract issue you face, attorneys at The Ascent Law are here to help you through it.

You will be assured that when we begin working with you on a legal matter, we will personally address all of your concerns.

We promise you the highest degree of professionalism, integrity and results.

If an attorney is available, one will meet with you immediately. If you can, please schedule an appointment before stopping by so we can be sure to meet with you and give you the time you need.

Michael Anderson is trained not only in law, but it business as well. Michael Anderson is the author of 3 books and is considered to be an authority on contract disputes and contract law. Michael Anderson currently serves part time as a judge in the City of Herriman, Utah.

All of our attorneys have worked for many years in the States of Utah, handling diverse contractual matters for individuals and business clients, from small mom-and-pop retail stores to Fortune 500 multinational corporations. Today, our practice is primarily in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Specific types of contracts we prepare and review, include:

  • Non-compete employment agreements
  • Severance and executive compensation agreements
  • Real estate agreements
  • Workouts and dispute resolution
  • Business and corporate agreements
  • Business agreements and partnership agreements

Contract Preparation

Contract preparation can be critical to the success of any business. We help clients plan for potential challenges that can befall them and for success by using contract preparation to lay a solid foundation for any eventuality, including a reassuring, strong exit strategy.

We understand the importance of carefully drafting these legal documents with our goal toward making sure the contract sufficiently achieves our client’s goals. We also make sure that if a dispute does occur, our clients will have the right remedies available and the upper hand.

Careful, Thorough Guidance

Do you need a strong agreement that protects you in the case of any future challenges?

Are you involved in a contract dispute and need help now? You may also contact our Salt Lake law office via e-mail to schedule an initial consultation for FREE. That’s right, there is no charge for your first visit. We even have payment plans available.

Attorneys speak English and Spanish in our office.

If you or a member of your family needs the services of an experienced Contract Disputes attorney, please contact Michael Anderson at The Ascent Law. We are committed to helping you protect yourself and your assets.

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Everyone needs a good lawyer at some point.

If you are here, you have a legal issue. So call Ascent Law for your free initial consultation now (801) 676-5506. We want to help you!

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