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Can You Pass A Background Check With A DUI?

Can You Pass A Background Check With A DUI

Your DUI public records will stay with you long after your DUI arrest. This can have a very negative effect on your employment possibilities when you need to pass a background check. Fortunately, there are steps you can take & things you can learn that will clear your DUI public records so they do not show up on your background check. And this can be done even in states that DO NOT allow for criminal record expungement.

Understanding that DUI has become a political crime with a stigma will go a long way towards helping you clear your DUI public records. This crime is a cash cow for local governments & that means that your best interests will play second fiddle to theirs. Your attorney likely has his own interests ahead of yours as well. Relying on your attorney & throwing yourself at the court’s mercy could be the worst thing you could ever do because you will be placing your best interest secondary to theirs.

This means you must learn all you can about the DUI process & how the laws pertain to your case. You must accept the fact that you are responsible for your DUI & you must take 100% responsibility for fixing the mess that a DUI can create of your life. No one is going to take better control of your life than you can, but you must accept the responsibility.

Although the laws may be a little different in each state, this process works the same whether you have just received your DUI or even if it is years old. There are six agencies that have access to your DUI public records. Not all of these agencies communicate with each other, & government bureaucracy causes additional communication problems. Learning all you can about these six agencies & how they handle your information will expose windows of opportunity that can be used to either expunge your DUI or legally hide record of it in states that do not allow you to expunge criminal records.

This information is available to research for free, but the legal nature of the subject matter can make this a nightmare to try to learn on your own. Add to this that there are differences in every state, & the job becomes more difficult. Getting this information from an attorney would likely be very expensive, & many attorneys may not know about this information because it does not serve their best interests.

There is a paid resource available that gives you all the background information you will need to clear your DUI public records. This will give you the “outline” you will need to research the DUI laws for your state. Armed with this information, you will be ready to take the steps necessary to expunge your DUI record or legally erase your DUI public records in states that do not allow you to expunge criminal records. Either way, you will be able to pass the criminal background checks necessary to get a new job & improve your position in life.

A DUI can cloud your record for years after your initial arrest, showing up on background checks & limiting your employment opportunities. Thankfully you can get a clear DUI record in all 50 states, even those that do not allow criminal records to be expunged.

The secret to getting a clear DUI record is understanding how the DUI process works & using this knowledge to your advantage. Because DUI has become such a political hot button & also because they are such a huge money maker for local governments, DUI laws are not written in your favor. The lawyers & the politicians have their own best interests placed first. So the first step to getting a clear DUI record is to take control of your situation. Placing yourself at the court’s mercy or trusting to your attorney’s best judgement could be huge mistakes. Their best interests may not align with yours.

Step 2 to getting a clear DUI record is learning all you can about how the DUI process works. A general overview is that there are 6 agencies that deal with your DUI record. Not every agency is able to communicate with the other agencies in the process. Some have no contact at all, but all 6 agencies give & get information from 1 central hub. Knowledge of this process along with the inefficiency that is always present in government will create opportunities you can take advantage of.

In states that allow for getting criminal records expunged, getting a clear DUI record is rather straightforward. What many people do not realize is that there are steps you can take in the states that do not expunge records that will achieve the same results. This information is not well known but there is information available that will help you through the process.
Hiring an attorney to help you take care of this would be a very expensive proposition, if you could find one to help you. They are a part of the industry that DUIs have become. And because of the legal nature of the information & the differences in how each state handles DUIs, piecing together a solution to a clear DUI record yourself would be very difficult. There is reasonably priced help available that gives you a good general outline of the DUI process. Using this information as a guide, you will be able to learn all you can about your state’s DUI process & take control of your DUI. This knowledge can be applied to your case to help you get your record cleared.

DUI Process manual is a thorough resource on DUI record clearing written by a team of legal researchers. At only 60 pages, this guide covers everything you need to know on expunging your DUI record completely even if your state does not allow expungement, passing employment background checks, and saving money on SR-22 insurance. This is a do-it-yourself manual which will serve a great help to those who cannot afford a lawyer. This manual is aimed to help people who got arrested for the suspicion of DUI as well as those who are convicted to return to live their normal life again like their DUI never happened.

We have found that the DUI system is not established to control drunk driving but to make money. More DUI arrests made more money for local governments. No wonder why more people with extremely low blood alcohol levels get arrested where they do not pose a real threat to the society.
Thus, this manual is the result of all the research they did to clear their DUI record and pass the employment background check which they finally succeeded.

The DUI Process involves rap sheets and how it affects your employment, steps to clean up your rap sheets, steps to seal your DUI record, six systems of the DUI process, their lack of communication and how you can use that to your advantage in expunging your DUI record, how background checks are conducted, what information you should disclose to your employers, how you can keep your record from showing up in employment background checks, how to expunge your DUI record completely and legally even if your state does not allow expungement, and how you can save money on expensive SR-22 insurance. But these are just a fraction of many little-known information that we can help you with.

We can help you:

1. You can clear your DUI record completely through an expungement.

2. You can pass your employment background checks.

3. You will save hundreds or say, thousands of dollars in SR-22 insurance for 3 year period.

We have seen others succeed too. Now they want you to too. They have received numerous testimonials from satisfied customers.

By applying the steps in the DUI process manual to your specific case, the author guarantees you can indeed clear your DUI record and pass any background checks.

One of the worst things about a DUI arrest is that it shows up on your record and affects background checks for years to come. Beating a DUI is possible by understanding how your DUI record is handled and what can be done to erase it.

The first step to beating a DUI is to understand that it has become a political crime that has a definite stigma attached to it. Political action groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving have influenced lawmakers to write the laws in their favor. As a result, the laws governing a DUI charge have been designed in a one size fits all manner. That means a first time offender who is barely over the limit as a result of a few drinks with dinner is treated very similarly to a repeat offender who causes an accident and is three times over the legal limit.

Local governments also generate large amounts of revenue from DUIs and blood alcohol content levels have been lowered to increase revenue. The result of this has been to bring a large number of law abiding citizens into our legal system who may not have had a criminal record otherwise.
If you are one of these folks the key to beating a DUI and getting it off your record is to understand the DUI process and how your record is kept. Unless you take steps to educate yourself on beating a DUI charge, your life will change for the worse after a DUI conviction.

DUI laws will vary from state to state but your state will fall in one of 2 categories: those that allow criminal records to be expunged and those that do not. The good news is that beating a DUI is possible even in states that do not allow you to expunge your record. Other steps can be legally taken to achieve the same effect.

Armed with the proper information, beating a DUI can be achieved by anyone who has not caused death, bodily harm or serious property damage as a result of their DUI. Once you learn this information, you can clear your record and pass background checks regardless of whether your DUI happened in an “expunge” or “no expunge” state. With the ability to pass background checks, your life will take a turn for the better. Employment opportunities will increase & you can get your life back on track.

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