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Signs You Need a Divorce Attorney

The decision to file for divorce does not happen overnight. There are signs that you need a divorce lawyer that you may need to pay attention to. The journey from marital bliss to divorce is often a long and downward spiral. Once trust has been fractured, it can be difficult to regain. But not every marriage is the same. Each relationship has its own unique set of dynamics and chemistry. When it comes time to decide whether it is best to stay or end a marriage, there are no easy answers. What may be a good solution for one couple may be completely ineffective for another. But there are some common signs that can’t be ignored. If a person finds themselves in an unhappy marriage with little or no sign of progress, it is time to find a divorce attorney that can help.

Signs You Need a Divorce Attorney

According to recent studies, Utah has the lowest divorce rate in the nation. But not every couple that chooses to stay together is involved in happy and functional marriage. One of the best solutions is to consult with a divorce attorney to evaluate your specific situation. Remember, just because you are seeking advice from a divorce attorney does not mean you should end your marriage. A good attorney will not pressure a client to make a decision that is not in their best interests. Here are some common signs why you need to seek a Salt Lake City divorce attorney.


Sooner or later, every couple will go through difficult disagreements which need to be resolved. But when one partner is unwilling to acknowledge or work through these problems, it can place a huge strain on the relationship.


It may seem obvious to visit an attorney after you have been handed divorce papers by your spouse. However, many people live in denial and wait too long to take action. Some do not even seek divorce representation. Utah family law requires couples filing for divorce to attend at least one session of mediation. Many divorce attorneys also serve as independent third-party mediators who listen to questions and concerns presented by both spouses. Mediation encourages both parties to engage in free and open dialogue. It can often result in an effective tool to determine whether divorce is the best option.


It is one of the biggest causes of breakups in any relationship. Although infidelity does not automatically result in divorce, it can severely destroy trust between both partners. A marriage without trust is almost certainly doomed. It becomes even more complicated when children are involved. A divorce attorney can explain the ramifications of how divorce affects both spouses and the possible scenarios when making child custody and visitation arrangements.


Marriage is a partnership. But when one partner chooses to move or remove money, property or valuable assets from the couple’s account, it can bring tremendous conflict to any relationship. It is vital to discuss this issue with an experienced divorce attorney, who can properly examine how assets and property should be divided and allocated. It is one of the most important fundamental rights for every person in a marriage to fully understand.


Divorce does not come cheap. Legal fees should be the least of your concerns. There will be important and complicated financial issues that will need to be resolved, including alimony and child support.


Writing a successful parenting plan can be very useful in some difficult divorce situations. This plan will include how you and your former spouse will handle issues related to child custody. If you can agree with your ex and come up with a plan that will meet your needs and interests, your shared custody will be much easier to handle. With the help of an experienced Salt Lake City parenting plan attorney, you will be able to figure out what to include or not to include in your parenting plan.


Parenting plans help the court see how you and your former spouse are planning for the future care of your child. It’s best that parents come up with a good parenting plan together rather than separate as only they know what’s best for their children.


A Salt Lake City parenting plan attorney can get involved in helping parents create a successful parenting plan. You can also work with mediators to work on a suitable parenting plan for your family. It doesn’t matter how difficult your circumstances may be, an attorney can make the whole process less stressful.


Every family is unique therefore your parenting plan should be designed around the needs of your family. You will include a number of children you have as well as their ages, schooling needs, and so on. Some specific points you should cover include:

  • Schedule – This is one of the essential elements. You and your co-parent must include details about how you plan to meet your child’s physical needs. Some factors such as your children’s age and school schedule can impact the parenting schedule. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your children need sufficient time with you and your ex-spouse. Parents must create a schedule that allows children to spend equal time with both parents.
  • Special events – Some events such as the holidays, birthdays, school recitals, and so on, may suffer some interruptions. You need to decide where your children will spend Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.
  • Expenses – Who will cover the costs? This is a question only you and your former spouse can answer. Some expenses you can split 50/50 while others are a bit difficult to figure out. You can always use a tool to write down child-related costs. It can help you and your co-parent provide a financially stable environment for your children, whether they’re staying with you or with your former spouse.
  • Making important decisions – It is best when both parents are actively involved in the children’s lives and in making decisions regarding their education, discipline, religious practices, health care, etc. You can talk to your co-parent about these big decisions and trace a parenting plan that includes how you will handle these major decisions.

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