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Attorney Michael Anderson (local Salt Lake attorney) recently attended a business seminar and he learned some “secret” techniques that can eliminate potential lawsuits in your business. As a result of this training, Michael Anderson has designed a new business program for you… “The Complete Business Legal Program™” for business owners, Michael Anderson now recommends that every qualifying business owner receive this free evaluation.

“At the end of this evaluation period, you will be guided and directed on specific changes that need to be implemented in your business to protect both the business owner and the business from lawsuits. Once the changes have been implemented, we will re-evaluate whether your business is in compliance with the program.  If you have reached total compliance, then your business will be released from the program and checked periodically to maintain the benefits and results achieved…and to prevent future problems”, stated Michael Anderson.

Here’s some great news: Anyone in the Salt Lake area who’s recently started a business will receive a “Free Business Evaluation™” to see if they qualify for this amazing new business compliance program.

“The Complete Business Legal Program™” is the finest program Michael Anderson has ever designed to ensure that your business is legally compliant and that you are properly protected from lawsuits. He wants you to instantly realize how much your life can be improved with the proper legal advice on your side; therefore, your first visit at his office is …GUARANTEED.

At the conclusion of your first visit, if you honestly think Michael Anderson has wasted your time, or you sincerely believe that you will not benefit from his legal advice in any way…all you have to do is say so…and Michael Anderson will make a $25 donation to the Make A Wish Foundation in your name.

Your FREE Business Evaluation For The “Complete Business Legal Program™” includes All Of The Following Services:

1) A Private, “Face-To-Face”, Legal/Business Consultation with Michael Anderson

2) A Legal Pinpointing Procedure Related To Your Business’ Potential Exposure

3) Legal Report Of Michael Anderson Findings

4) Simple Explanation Of Your Legal/Business Options

It’s easy to make an appointment. All you have to do is call Michael Anderson office now at [number type=”1″] and Candace will help you schedule your Free Business Evaluation for “The Complete Business Legal Program™”.

Michael Anderson amazing staff will do everything possible to get you in as soon as possible…even if they have to work you in during a busy time. Their office is open 5 days a week and it’s located very close to the corner of Redwood Road and 9000 South.

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