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Child Custody Lawyer West Jordan, utah

Our society is built on the foundation of family. It’s the heart where all relationships begin, evolve, and flourish. Amidst the serenity and security of family life, unfortunate situations may arise leading to complexities like child custody disputes. At Ascent Law Firm, we stand by your side during these challenging times. As leading child custody lawyers, we specialize in family law and offer unmatched expertise in custody cases. Our proficient team of Utah child custody lawyers and custody lawyers extend their support not just in Utah, but to clients across the United States, providing a safety net of legal aid.

Child Custody Services Offered

Our team of proficient child custody attorneys and lawyers offers a comprehensive suite of services encompassing all aspects of child custody law. We approach every case with undivided attention, thoroughness, and personalized care, from the preliminary consultation to the final verdict.

Custody Agreements

Custody agreements define the structure of a child’s life post-divorce or separation. Our attorneys understand the intricate balancing act of parental rights, obligations, and the best interest of the child. We guide parents to develop effective custody agreements that encompass both physical custody and legal custody while prioritizing the child’s well-being. This involves careful consideration of the child’s routine, access to both parents, and a framework that supports growth and development.

Parenting Plans

A well-structured parenting plan is a cornerstone for child custody agreements. Our expert lawyers assist in a custody agreement by crafting meticulous parenting plans that cover all facets of a child’s life. From defining physical custody and visitation schedules to managing holiday, vacation, and special event schedules, we ensure the plan aligns with the lives and expectations of both parents. In the creation of these plans, we place a strong emphasis on minimizing disruption to the child’s life and preserving the valuable bonds they share with both parents.

Child Support

The financial implications of child custody cases are profound. Our attorneys possess an in-depth understanding of child support laws and guidelines. We assist in the calculation of child support payments considering the income of both parents, the needs of the child, and other relevant factors. Our objective is to ensure that the child receives appropriate financial support, contributing to a stable upbringing.

Relocation and Modification

Life’s unpredictable nature may necessitate changes to established custody agreements. Whether it’s a new job, remarriage, or other significant life events, our attorneys are equipped to handle the legal complexities of such transitions. We offer guidance and representation in court to modify existing agreements or facilitate relocation processes, ensuring that your rights and your child’s welfare remain the focus.

Enforcement and Modification of Orders

Life is ever-evolving, and changes can occur that require a revision to established custody and child support orders. At Ascent Law Firm, we help clients navigate the process of seeking modifications to court orders in light of new circumstances. Whether it’s a significant change in a parent’s income, a relocation, or changes in the child’s needs, we strive to ensure orders reflect current realities. Similarly, if a party is not complying with the terms of an order, we can assist in enforcement actions to ensure your rights and the welfare of your child are protected.

Grandparent Rights

Grandparents often share a deep and unique bond with their grandchildren. In cases where parental rights are terminated or in a custody dispute, we advocate for grandparent rights to maintain their cherished relationships. Our lawyers understand the specific criteria and legal nuances that courts consider when granting visitation or custody rights to grandparents. We can guide you through this process, ensuring you have a voice in your grandchild’s life.

Paternity and Parental Rights

Establishing paternity is a crucial step in asserting parental rights and responsibilities. Our lawyers offer comprehensive legal support in paternity matters, whether it involves filing paternity actions, defending against false claims, or navigating the legal implications once paternity is established. Ensuring paternity is accurately established is crucial for fair child support orders, securing joint custody rights, and ensuring a child’s right to a relationship with both parents.

Domestic Violence and Child Abuse

In situations where a child’s safety is at risk due to domestic violence or child abuse, immediate and decisive action is essential. Our attorneys are committed to protecting vulnerable children and parents in these distressing circumstances. We can assist with securing protective orders, advocating for the child’s safety in custody decisions, and working alongside social services or law enforcement where necessary. Our firm’s priority is ensuring your safety and your child’s wellbeing in the face of such critical threats.

Please note that while we aim to offer comprehensive advice in our services, the above sections do not constitute legal advice. Each situation is unique, and we strongly recommend seeking counsel from a professional family law expert or child custody lawyer at our firm to fully understand your legal position and options.

Benefits of Hiring a Child Custody Lawyer

Having the best child custody lawyer at your side can significantly influence the outcome of your own custody case. The benefits are numerous, and our custody lawyers are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and dedication required to navigate through the intricate legal landscape of custody battles.

Objective Advice

Emotional turmoil often accompanies child custody disputes and legal proceedings, making it difficult for parents to make objective decisions. Our experienced lawyers offer sound, objective advice to help you stay focused on what’s most important – your child’s well-being. They lend a listening ear, provide empathetic counsel, and steer you towards decisions that are best for your child.

Negotiation and Settlement Skills

Negotiation forms a significant part of most child custody cases. With their superior negotiation skills, our lawyers facilitate smoother settlement processes, aiming for agreements on custody arrangements, visitation rights, and child support that safeguard your child’s best interests.

Aggressive Representation in Court

In scenarios where amicable settlement is elusive, court intervention becomes inevitable. Our attorneys are seasoned courtroom advocates, prepared to assertively present your case to secure a favorable verdict. Their argumentative skills, thorough knowledge of custody laws, and experience with judicial processes can turn the tide in your favor.

Knowledge of Family Law System

Child custody cases can get complex quickly, often involving elements of family, civil, and criminal law. Our attorneys possess an intimate understanding of the family law system, allowing them to predict possible complications and prepare for them proactively. This understanding, coupled with their ongoing professional development, ensures they stay abreast of the latest legislative changes and rulings that could impact your child custody case.

Our Approach

At Ascent Law Firm, our unique approach to handling child custody cases is grounded in personalized attention, aggressive representation, compassionate guidance, and effective communication.

Personalized Attention

Each case is unique, and we strive to tailor our services to suit the individual needs and circumstances of every client. From the initial consultation, we endeavor to understand your concerns and goals thoroughly to formulate the best legal strategy.

Aggressive Representation

We believe in advocating fiercely for our clients’ rights. Whether in negotiations, mediation, or court, we assert your interests and fight for the best outcome possible under Utah’s child custody laws.

Compassionate Guidance

Navigating child custody disputes can be emotionally challenging. We provide not only legal assistance but also compassionate guidance throughout the process, always keeping your and your child’s best interests at heart.

Effective Communication

Open, clear communication is crucial to our services. We ensure our clients are informed about every development in their case and understand the legal implications fully.


What factors are considered in child custody cases?

Child custody cases consider a range of factors, all aiming to protect the child’s best interests. These may include each parent’s ability to provide a stable environment, the child’s relationship with each parent, the parent and child’s wishes (in certain cases), and evidence of any physical or emotional abuse.

Can grandparents seek primary custody of their grandchildren?

In Utah, grandparents can petition a judge for visitation rights and, in some cases, custody. The court considers the best interests of the child, existing relationships, and specific circumstances like the parents’ ability to care for the child.

How is child support calculated?

Child support in Utah is calculated using an income shares model, considering the income of both parents and the number of children. Other factors may also influence the amount, such as health insurance, childcare costs, and special needs of the child.

What is a parenting plan?

A parenting plan is a written agreement between parents outlining how they will share and divide responsibilities of child-rearing. It typically includes provisions about physical custody, visitation schedules, decision-making rights, parenting time, and plans for holidays and vacations. It’s intended to minimize conflicts and provide a stable, predictable routine for children after divorce or separation.


Our proficient team at Ascent Law Firm, composed of some of the best custody lawyers and Utah child custody lawyers, is dedicated to guiding you through every stage of the child custody process. We understand the gravity of these situations and how they impact your life and your child’s. We’re committed to ensuring your rights are protected and the best interests of your child are upheld. Contact us today for a consultation and embark on this journey of parent child relationship with competent, compassionate, and committed legal allies by your side.

Michael R. Anderson, JD