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Estate Planning Software For Attorneys

Estate Planning Software For Attorneys

Estate plan software needs accurate documentation, workflow automation, and expert legal education. You will want to be sure the estate plan software you review for ease of use, what’s included, support, and compliance with regulations. It is important to take time reviewing estate plan software. Ask about how the estate plan software billing occurs both for you and/or your clients. You will want an all in one solution for your estate plan software. You want it to include documentation, automation, and education with a simple subscription monthly.

Schedule Your Demos

You will want to outline your decision making for your estate plan software. This will include your demos of estate plan software for ease of use, review of what’s included, and pricing and the return on investment. Give yourself time in between each one to take notes on ease, inclusions, pricing, and investment. Then, compare all other software and see what’s best for you.

Analyze Estate Planning Software for:
• Asset Inventory
• Family Liabilities
• Outlining Directives
• State and National Laws
You will want the software to have the ability to draft these elements into a:
• Will and Revocable Trust
• General Durable of Attorney
• Health Care Power of Attorney
• and Living Will

Beyond Counsel

Beyond Counsel focuses on better systems, better practice, and a better life. They offer subscription models with different levels including increasing value at each level. Their estate plan software includes estate plan drafting, workflow management, and legal education. When there is no automation or workflow set up to flag time-sensitive items, it costs the firm reputation, time, and money. Think of how this estate planning software will save you and attorneys at your firm time and money. You want automated scheduling for your clients. Think of all the hours you and your firm spend on this alone.

In your demo or trial, review the questionnaires for the clients covering all estate planning elements such as:
• Asset Inventory
• Mortgage and Insurance
• Directives
• Beneficiaries

They also offer added ongoing value for free via their blog with topics including online estate planning, software insights, and attorney checklists. As an attorney, you want to be on top of expert education in the legal field. With estate plan software, you want to ask if expert legal education is included in the estate plan software subscription and/or package.

Clio and Schedule Once

These tools help you transform the way you work as well. Any of the tools will help modernize your law firm. They include automation, scheduling, legal education, payment processing, and timekeeping at a variety of levels. With each of the tools, you will want to experience the demo, see what is offered, get insight on the support, and updates for education. Depending on your caseload, this may be done within less than two weeks.
Ask about education with estate plan software such as:
• Age Requirements
• Specific Distributions
• Age Requirements

In addition, you will want to check on the legal education components review for updates to regulations. It is not enough to simply have expert education, it is key that it is continuously updated for accuracy. As a successful estate planning attorney, it’s important to keep up with law marketing trends. This is mostly because it gives your practice an edge over your competitors. Estate planning is an intricate process that, in this age and day, requires an automated document management system. Preparing, securing, and managing estate planning files can be a tedious task that may require many hours of manual work. An automated system can make things much easier and less frustrating for you while ensuring the utmost ensure efficiency in your practice.

Additionally, estate planning requires high levels of organizational skills. You don’t want to subject your clients to your personal assistant’s typos and other mistakes. In a nutshell, estate planning software can do wonders in your practice as an attorney. But is it really worth it? Why use estate planning software?

Less Stress in Your Practice

From ensuring that the right assets are marched with their rightful owners, to maintaining an up-to-date list of beneficiaries, keeping wills in order and updating the clients’ named trustees, these tasks can be quite challenging and time-consuming, especially for an attorney with more than just a few clients. Using an estate or will planning software can make things much easier for any estate planning attorney, thus improving efficiency and boosting the reputation of their legal practice. With your clients’ legal file and document management automated, you will have less stress and more time to utilize in other areas of the business as you expand your practice.

Reduces Estate Planning Costs

Given the complex nature involved in estate planning, there are so many costs associated with the process. A wise lawyer knows what their target legal consumers look for. Well, most of today’s legal consumers have become savvy and are looking for law firms that give them value for money. Using an estate planning software can help you to cut tax and court expenses, meaning that you’ll not be charging your clients for the probate process.


Most times, estate planning also involves handling sensitive private information. In the wrong hands, this information can be used in the wrong way, especially by dissatisfied family members who may decide to challenge a will. It’s, therefore, important that such information is treated with the care it deserves. Some documents may include/contain:
• Medical history
• Family relationships
• Financial records and assets
• Title deeds and logbooks

As you can see, these are sensitive documents that if lost, could lead to serious consequences and liabilities. A good estate planning software will also ensure that such confidential information is safe and secure.

Less Room For Errors

The simplicity utilized in estate planning software makes it easy to manage your client list, document management, and boosting staff productivity. In addition to this, using an estate planning solution will help you to customize the estate planning documents depending on the clause preferences and terms. This helps to reduce the odds of making mistakes and errors.

It’s A Client-Friendly Solution

As a successful estate planning attorney, you know all too well that your clients are the backbone of your practice. This means that they should come first in all that you do. Manually handling estate planning tasks, as iterated earlier, can be tedious and time-consuming. This means that you don’t have enough time to attend to your clients or other matters and at the end of the day; it weighs down on your efficiency. A simplified estate planning process that is to the specification of the clients means a happy customer, which is exactly what the estate planning software provides. Utilizing an estate planning software will ensure flawless execution of the estate planning process, allowing you to attend to more clients. So, if you’re looking for ways to save time and money and at the same time increase your client base, an estate planning software is the way to go. To get back to the title question, estate planning software is well worth it!

Wealth Docx

The power of Wealth Docx to automate your document solutions makes client interviews more intuitive, lets you customize your solutions, and provides the consistency you need.

The Features In Wealth Docx Will Give Your Firm The Edge.

With Wealth Docx, you get the input and expertise of leading trusts and estates attorneys. Use the dynamic content and contextual help to keep your practice up-to-date and a step ahead.

LWP’s cloud-based, integrated software isn’t just the industry standard, it has helped revolutionize the way attorneys practice estate planning, elder law, and asset protection. LWP software dramatically reduces the amount of time you and your team devote to drafting without sacrificing accuracy or customization. This in turn frees up your time to focus on other aspects of running a profitable firm, such as the pursuit of new business. Finally, the software is fully integrated with all LWP cloud-based systems, processes, and workflows.

Client Centered

The name says it all: Lawyers with Purpose Client-Centered Software. The estate planning software is designed to address the specific needs of each client. When you meet with a client, the design template is organized to help you firmly establish what clients want their plans to accomplish at every stage of life’s journey: while they are alive and well, if and when they become disabled, and how and when assets are distributed to loved ones when the client passes away. A fully customized plan can be created during a one hour and 30-minute initial interview.

Single Entry System

When you enter a client’s information during the initial interview, all of his or her relevant information will be incorporated into each of the planning documents automatically. In addition, as you move through the interview, the software will warn you if you make choices that are inconsistent or could lead to potential problems. You are protected against errors (and potential malpractice) at every keystroke.

Customized Planning

Most software results in cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all estate planning documents. LWP software allows for unsurpassed customization. It permits generational planning using various trusts and sub-trusts each allowing customizable distribution standards, individual trustee selections, and various uses of powers of appointment.


LWP document creation software has all the templates an estate planning, elder law, and asset protection attorney needs to run a practice. From powers of attorney, healthcare directives, simple wills to enhanced wills, which include testamentary trusts and estate tax planning, powers of attorney and healthcare directives, revocable and irrevocable trusts, plus a fully customizable personal care plan. Then there are more specialized features, including:


LWP Medicaid qualification software is the only software in the entire industry that allows you to properly calculate Medicaid eligibility for any type of client. Not only does it help you identify the maximum amount of assets that can be protected in the shortest period of time, it helps you present information to clients in a way they can understand. It warns you about potential conflicts and errors, and even helps you demonstrate the value of your services to clients.

Veterans Benefits

LWP VA software allows you to quickly determine if a veteran or surviving spouse is currently eligible for benefits or if planning is required to become eligible. It also includes every document needed to prepare and submit the VA Intent to File, Formal Claim, or Appeal.

Special Needs

The software also includes both first and third-party stand-alone Special Needs Trusts. All of our wills and trusts also include standby Special Needs Trusts for special needs beneficiaries. To be a successful estate planning attorney, you must be extremely well organized and an excellent communicator, your clients’ legacies depend on it. That’s why Smokeball keeps your clients’ estate details in one easy-to-manage and secure place, with files and estate planning specific forms accessible within seconds. No matter what your estate clients need from you, Smokeball acts as your will and estate software, trust software, estate tax planning software, and executor software.

Smokeball includes one of the best apps for lawyers so you can update information and view documents from anywhere, making it easy to get out and see clients in person at their homes. Manage contacts, property information, and other financial assets in our secure and unlimited cloud storage solution. And with advanced document automation features, flawless execution of wills and living trusts come together for you with the click of a button. Smokeball is legal estate planning software for attorneys with a library of documents built by attorneys and other legal professionals. Using Smokeball as your estate planning software means that there is one single place for storage of all estate information details like will and codicil dates and witnesses, executors, agents, and family members, and even detailed trust and property information.

Automated Task Workflows for Estates, Wills & Trusts

Estate planning can be the most important service provided to your clients and their families during and after their lifetime. For attorneys, having a comprehensive estate planning software and trust software should ensure that you never drop the ball. Build standard sets of tasks so that you and your staff know exactly where each matter stands and what needs to be done next. Much of what you do can feel repetitive, so let Smokeball hand you documents and to-dos automatically at the right times. Let Smoke ball’s estate planning software tell you when it’s time to gather financial and asset information, draft documents, schedule client reviews and signings, and make adjustments. Smokeball does something that no other estate planning software for attorneys does, it tracks all your time spent within the system automatically! Even if you bill your clients a flat fee for your estate planning work, knowing where and how your time is spent can quickly help refocus your priorities. Smokeball for estate planning attorneys helps you gain a deeper understanding of your profitability by matter and matter type. Once you put in your staff cost and fee (either hourly or flat), Smokeball will automatically calculate which estate planning services are making you money with the legal billing and time tracking software. It also provides important law firm insights into staff efficiency so that you can better manage your team’s time and positively impact your bottom line. No other will and trust software for attorneys on the market can do this for your practice.

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