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West Jordan Intellectual Property Lawyer

Every day, lawyers call us and say they desire to do intellectual property law. We are constantly interested in talking with others with experience in copyright law because it is one of most interesting areas of law in the county – if you ask us –

We serve many different companies in various markets. Copyright Regulation is a very general term. There are several kinds of intellectual residential or commercial property law, and numerous areas of copyright regulation are not warm in all. To define exactly what intellectual property regulation implies and just what’s hot and what’s not is extremely important to our discussion. When intellectual property is one of your key possessions, you require attorneys who comprehend the best ways to blend legal and company techniques in your best passions. You also need attorneys with a strong command of litigation when your IP properties are being tested.

As one of the law offices in the Intermountain West, we bring a depth of understanding to your one-of-a-kind business scenario – whether locally or globally. We regularly handle issues entailing electrical and computer-related technology, medical tools, pharmaceutical products, biotechnology, bioengineering and a wide range of mechanical and chemical systems and apparatus.

Our lawyers have backgrounds in computers, math, sciense, physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering and have Utah licenses and have done IP law or have considerable litigation experience. Our copyright team is made up of licensed lawyers, former in-house counsel, previous trial counsel for significant companies and globally qualified businesses.

We provide a full spectrum of intellectual services, consisting of licenses, trademarks, copyrights, profession guideline, profession keys, domain, lawsuits and disagreement resolution. The team has remarkable experience handling intellectual property profiles for large residential and global customers, specifically those with Eastern and European rate of interests. We represent Ton of money 500 and other public and exclusive customers in state, federal, international and worldwide forums throughout the world.

Just what is the advantage of all this to you? Audio yet cutting-edge IP techniques incorporated with genuine world usefulness.

The IP attorneys at Ascent Law have been highly involved as previous and existing leaders in companies. In fact, we have an MLM Lawyer who regularly works with direct sales companies to make sure their compensation plans and organizational plans are not considered Ponzi Schemes under the law and case law in the United States.

Our intellectual residential or commercial property team has significant experience with:

– Trademark Lawsuits
– Trade Use Lawsuits
– False Advertising Litigation
– Unfair Competition Lawsuits
– Lanham Act Lawsuits
– Domain Litigation
– Right of Promotion Lawsuits
– Advertising Lawsuits
– Trademark Cancellations
– Trademark Oppositions
– TTAB Procedures
– UDRP Procedures

Trademark Law. This type of law is used to protect and safeguard words, expressions, logo designs, or signs used to distinguish one item from an additional. In situations where a competitor makes use of a safeguarded trademark, the owner of the trademark can go to court and acquire an injunction to stop them from using your registered marks.

IP Lawyer Free Consultation

When you need help with a trademark or other intellectual property matter, please call Ascent Law for your free consultation (801) 676-5506. We want to help you.

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