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How Would You Define A Successful Outcome In A Divorce?

We like to give clients what they want. Sometimes clients can have really high expectations or want the world. We try and say, “Okay what are your one, two, and three top priorities? What are the most important things to you in the case?” Sometimes it is I want to have my kids as much as possible. That is what we shoot for. I want the house. I want as much alimony as possible. Whatever the most important things are, if we can get those one, two, or three for our clients, then I say that is a successful case, because in reality the judges are supposed to be impartial.

They are not supposed to favor either party over another and they are supposed to divide everything pretty much equally to the best of their abilities. When they look at cases if anybody is acting badly, hurting the other, they are going to punish that person in some way. The only way to have a really successful outcome is for the client to behave, be good, as best as you can be.

Is There Any Way To Expedite A Divorce?

The quickest way to fast track a divorce is to get everything resolved with each spouse or soon to be ex by the time you meet with an attorney. If the issues have been resolved when it comes time to meet with the attorney and all the documentation is ready and each party has everything they need, say, “Okay this is what we are doing with the personal property. This is what we are doing with the house. This is how custody is going to work.”

If that is already resolved, all we have to do is prepare the documents, and prepare a stipulation agreement and both sign it. It is notarized and filed with the court system. You are on your way once that ninety day time limit is up. We immediately file the remaining documents with the court and the judge will sign once the judge is available to do so. That is really the only way is to negotiate a settlement or have everything already agreed on. That is the only way to fast track it in Utah.

What Sets Your Firm Apart In Handling Divorce Cases?

It is not only the vast experience that we have; we have several attorneys that have practiced in Utah. We have a really broad range of backgrounds and because our firm has practiced in business law, state planning, criminal law, and bankruptcy too. We are familiar with all of the different issues that go into a divorce, because if you are getting divorced and you have a business, you need to have an attorney that understands business law. If you are financially destitute and you are looking to get divorced you need someone to understand bankruptcy law.

If you have ever lived in another state, you need to understand how other state laws can play a role in your case. Divorce although it sounds really simple and straight forward, can be very complex, depending on what has happened in that person’s or that couples life. Having that background can be extremely valuable and we find that as we have moved forward helping people in divorce cases, that not only do we care about our clients, but our background, experience and the things that we have gone through have helped us become better attorneys and counselors for our clients.

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