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I was Asked About Car Insurance Today….

I was asked about car insurance today. Most people drive a car or truck on a daily basis in Utah. Obviously car insurance is required by Utah state law. So not only is it important in the legal aspect, it is also important because it will protect your assets in the even you cause a car accident.

The problem that most people experience is that they don’t want to pay excessive premiums and have duplicate coverage. Most people don’t take the time to go over their car insurance policies or any of their other insurance policies. These people simply trust their insurance agent that they have sufficient coverage and that’s it. I believe that can be a mistake.

As I’ve prosecuted personal injury claims, the worst situation I see is when people have carried the minimum coverage and then an accident happens that is a roll-over or someone dies. It is a horrible situation when there is insufficient coverage.

My recommendation to you is to make sure you have under-insured coverage on your car insurance policy. That way, if the other guy who hits you don’t have sufficient coverage, then your own insurance will pick up the difference.

I’m not an insurance agent and I have no insurance to sell you, but as an attorney who sees these types of cases regularly, you should have UIM coverage.

Until next entry,

Michael Anderson