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Leading Cause of Divorce

When couples decide to end their marriage, an important part of the process often involves recognizing the factors that contributed to their marital problems. After all, having an honest and objective understanding of one’s relationship issues can help promote open communication and effective divorce mediation. It can also be helpful for Utah residents facing the prospect of divorce to understand that they are not alone and that countless other couples are facing similar problems as well.

Leading Cause of Divorce

One psychologist and marriage counselor recently discussed some of the major life events that are known to contribute to divorce. All of the events described involved significant shifts in couples’ routines, lifestyles and/or marital roles, and placed increased stress on one or both partners. For instance, childbirth is linked to a considerable number of divorces across the country. Marital satisfaction is estimated to decrease within the first three years of a child being born in almost 70 percent of cases.

For better or worse, a job change is another life event that can have a major impact on marital satisfaction. Getting a new job can place a strain on a marriage when the spouse begins to prioritize his or her work over the relationship. Losing a job can also result in a tremendous amount of stress and resentment, as married couples deal with financial hardships and other issues.

Other serious marital problems can arise out of illness. Not only may the spouse with medical problems encounter difficulties meeting his or her usual obligations and expectations within the relationship, but the other spouse may be pressured to take on more responsibilities.


Utah State family law guidelines are designed to set clear standards by which to interpret and implement policies for a wide variety of cases. And while such procedures are in place to address individual divorce cases objectively and fairly, they do not always account for the actions or good intentions of divorcing couples that choose to make important divorce-related decisions between themselves. That is why it is so important that individuals consult with an experienced divorce attorney they can trust before establishing any kind of agreement on their own. One man recently learned the hard way that taking the initiative to establish child support payments with an ex is inadvisable in some cases.

After breaking up in the summer of last year, one Ohio couple chose to go ahead and work out a child support agreement between themselves before their divorce was actually finalized. Doing so was meant to expedite the divorce process and save them time and money in the long run. The husband started transferring money directly to his wife, and was reportedly never late on a payment.

A few months after they were officially divorced, however, the now ex-husband found himself in serious legal trouble since the family law system did not recognize the child support payments he had been making the entire time. Because the money transfers were not established through Family Services, the couple’s divorce decree mandated that they were not legitimate support payments. As a result, the man was informed he owed over $2000 in back child support.

Legally solidifying their child support arrangement by consulting a knowledgeable divorce attorney in the very beginning would have eliminated the issues that the couple faced in this case.

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