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Malpractice Law

Malpractice Law

You pay professionals for their services because you want the job done right. Professional malpractice can cause major financial setbacks and burden you with fixing mistakes that were in no way your fault.

Professionals are bound by standards of conduct and required to perform in accordance with those standards at all times. When sound practices are not followed and damages occur as a result, you may be able to recover your losses through a malpractice claim.


Hiring an accountant often involves a great deal of trust. An individual or business who puts hard-earned money into the hands of an accountant expects that the proper advice will be given and standards upheld.

During tax season, people rely on accountants more than at any other time of year. If an accountant mishandles a tax return or provides defective tax advice, the client can suffer serious consequences.

Accounting malpractice also often occurs when errors are made in audits or financial statements.  If you relied on financial documents that were negligently prepared by an accountant, whether in making an investment or managing your business or personal finances, you may be able to recover your losses.

Because they are handling or providing advice related to a client’s money, accountants are held to very strict professional standards. Anyone who may have experienced accounting malpractice should save all documents and statements that relate to their losses and contact an attorney as soon as possible in order to pursue a possible recovery.


Design professionals such as engineers and architects are often hired to provide important advice, develop a plan, design buildings, or provide other input related to real estate development decisions.

Similar to lawyers, engineers and architects are required to perform their services with a certain standard of care. Errors or lack of care on the part of a design professional can have immense financial consequences for the client.


Choosing the right type of insurance is an incredibly important decision. Whether it is life, home, or catastrophe insurance, this type of protection is essential in helping individuals and businesses prepare themselves, their colleagues, or their families for the worst.

The insured have a growing variety of options when it comes to which coverage types are available, and which companies provide them. Insurance agents are there to help potential policyholders make wise and informed decisions.

Should an insurance agent provide guidance or make decisions that clearly contradict a client’s best interest and results in losses, that client may be able to pursue a claim for insurance agent malpractice.


A statute of limitations applies to every legal dispute. This is the length of time, usually starting from the discovery of the alleged error, or when you reasonably should have discovered the error, that you have to pursue legal action. Ascent Law can help you know if you have time to file a case or if the statute of limitations has expired. Professional malpractice has an abbreviated statute of limitations, so if you believe you have been damaged by the error of an accountant, insurance agent, or other professional, it is vital that you do not delay in contacting an attorney.

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