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Super 8 Hotel Attorneys

Super 8 Hotel Attorneys

With many hotels and over thousands of rooms nationally, Super 8 is one of the largest hotel chains. While these hotels are known for their convenient services and facilities, guests could still sustain bed bug bites in these hotels because of poor hygiene and resulting infestations. If you believe that bed bug infestations have resulted from negligence, there are certain steps to take. You can also follow steps to avoid infestations entirely during your next stay at an Super 8 hotel location.

Independent of the hotel chain, you should always check the room prior to unpacking and settling in for your stay. You can visually spot bed bugs in most cases, from eggs to adults. You may also be able to spot their waste in the form of black or red spots on bedding. You can check Super 8 rooms by pulling back bedsheets and looking closely for evidence of a bed bug presence along mattress seams, underneath the mattress, behind headboards, and along the baseboards. You may also be able to see them in other furniture throughout the hotel room. If you discover any evidence of an infestation at any point, it’s important to notify the hotel staff or management as soon as possible. If you are unable to switch to another hotel, ask about getting another room in another area of the hotel away from where you found the infestation.

If you ever want to file a claim against an Super 8 hotel after sustaining bed bug bites at any of the chain’s facilities, you will need to be able to prove that the infestation and subsequent bites resulted from hotel staff or management negligence. This will involve showing that your injuries resulted from their negligence, which could include cases in which the owner is aware of an infestation but took improper steps to eliminate the infestation or even discover it. Make sure you capture as much evidence of bed bug bites as possible, either by recording video footage or taking photographs of both your bites sustained and the hotel room where you were bitten. Also, document all medical care received, along with time off from work required for treatment and anything else regarding the infestation. While proving that you have a bed bug bite case resulting from negligence at an Super 8 hotel may not be the easiest process, having a qualified bed bug attorney can help you get the representation you need. Experienced and knowledgeable attorneys will help determine if you have a good case and advise if they can represent you. If you have been affected by a bed bug infestation in a Super 8 hotel room, you could sue Super 8 for bed bug injuries. A bed bug law firm for bed bug injuries at Super 8 can help. The responsibility of the property owner or manager lies with keeping all customers safe, and if you are attacked by bed bugs and suffer damages, the hotel should be held liable for the ensuing costs and expenses. Bed bugs can wreak havoc on you during a vacation, but worse, they can latch onto your luggage or clothing and go home with you, resulting in a widespread infestation that may take days or weeks to fully eradicate. In that time, you could rack up various costs and suffer bites. Thus, it is a wise choice to file a Super 8 bed bug lawsuit.

It can be troublesome to find bed bugs in a hotel room if you do not know what you’re looking for. Some people only search the bed, and if they don’t see anything, assume the room is clean. This is not recommended. Bed bugs seldom make their nests in the beds themselves; they are more often found near the beds and couches on which people rest and sleep. Often, bed bugs are found in the creases of the mattress, underneath the sheets, below couch cushions, behind baseboards, between the carpeting and the wall, behind electrical outlets, around and behind picture frames, in nightstand drawers, inside torn fabric of upholstery, and more. You should always make sure to properly investigate a hotel room before you turn in for the night. The signs of bed bugs include small, oval-shaped, cream colored eggs; dark red spots on the sheets from dried blood from bites; brown mounds, which are droppings; and shed skins of juvenile bed bugs. You should examine damp, dark places to see if there are any creatures. If you wake up and discover that there was, in fact, an infestation in the room, you should contact a bed bug attorney for bed bug bites at Super 8.

Bed bugs are nocturnal and tend to come out at night to feast on their victims. They can only crawl and not jump, so they make their way over to where you are laying and proceed to bite. You don’t feel the bite happen or suffer any pain because bed bugs have an anesthetic in their mouths that keeps victims unaware. The insects can feast for up to 10 minutes at a time; they also have an anti-coagulant present in their saliva that prevents blood from clotting, allowing for constant, uninterrupted drinking. This bites generally don’t show up for a few hours or days after the incident,but when they do, they are generally present in a zigzag pattern and do not itch as much as other insect bites do. They can, however, fester and pop if they are scratched too much, which can lead to infections. The bites are most often present on the hands and arms, lower legs, and stomach and back, or anywhere that is easily accessed by crawling bed bugs. Although bed bugs are not known to transmit diseases, you can never be too careful; you should immediately go to the doctor to get checked out. Then, you should contact a lawyer to sue Super 8 for bed bug bites.

One of the most common mistakes that people make after suffering bed bug injuries in a hotel room is immediately alerting the staff to the problem. The manager will usually usher you out of the room and give you somewhere else to stay while the orders the cleaning crew to clean up. By the time they’re finished, there may not be any evidence left, and you won’t have sufficient proof that you were attacked by bed bugs. The hotel could easily say that you must have been bitten elsewhere. Instead, you should prioritize finding the nests and taking pictures of the creatures wherever you can. If you can show that the bugs were present in the room, you have ample proof for your claim. You should also take photos of your bites as soon as they appear. In checking the room for the bed bugs, you must try your best to move your luggage to a clean area to try and prevent the bugs from latching on; it is very easy to mistakenly transfer them to your home and cause another infestation to pop up. After you have gathered all of your evidence, then you should contact the staff to file an incident report. Do not accept any compensation from the hotel at this point; you may be offered free rooms and vouchers, but anything you accept can harm your chances of winning a lawsuit. Finally, you should reach out to one of our attorneys to sue Super 8 for bed bugs in your room.

If you intend to file a bed bug lawsuit against Super 8, you should be aware of the laws and conditions required to take action. Importantly, Super 8, like any hotel, must provide safe, healthy, sanitary rooms to its customers, and if it breaches that duty, it can be considered negligent. If that breach of duty results in an incident that caused you, the invitee, physical harm, then you have all four points of negligence and can file a claim. There have been numerous Super 8 bed bug reports and questions about the Super 8 bed bugs policy. Essentially, Utah law dictates how clean rooms must be, and a violation can lead to a lawsuit and a fine, or worse if the hotel is a repeat offender.

As a victim who suffered physical harm while on someone else’s property, you could take legal action against the responsible party and pursue a Super 8 bed bugs refund.

Yes, you can sue Super 8 for bed bugs in your room which injured you. You are owed a high duty of care as a temporary occupant and if your health and safety are affected, you have grounds for a lawsuit. We can help you pursue fair Super 8 bed bugs compensation. If you have additional questions, such as how to report bed bugs at a hotel or what is the best method for claiming compensation for bed bug bites, get in touch with an attorney at our law firm today. All Super 8 hotels and motels are legally required to provide patrons with safe accommodations that comply with health and building code. When a hotel rents a room with a history of bed bug infestations, and the guest is bitten and/or suffers property damage as a result, the hotel can potentially be held liable for violating its legal “duty of care” to the customer. This means the hotel can potentially be held responsible for compensating property replacement, medical treatment, lost earnings, and pain and suffering stemming from your personal injury. If you were bitten by bed bugs while staying at a Super 8 hotel anywhere in the United States, or if you had to replace personal property after the hotel bed bug infestation spread to your home or apartment, the hotel bed bug lawyers of Whitney, LLP may be able to help. Our aggressive attorneys have years of experience litigating a wide variety of bed bug claims stemming from hotel negligence, and will guide you through each and every stage of your case while fighting tirelessly on your behalf.

Once known as Super 8 Motels, this popular brand been renamed to Super 8 Worldwide. Super 8 Worldwide is a budget brand in the Wyndham Hotel Group family, which is owned by the Wyndham Worldwide Corporation. Wyndham maintains and operates more than 2,000 Super 8 hotels around the globe, with locations in hundreds of U.S. towns and cities including Pittsburgh, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Orlando, Seattle, and New Orleans. While Super 8 has a widespread presence throughout the United States, its parent brand, Wyndham Hotel Group, maintains corporate headquarters in Parsippany, New Jersey. This means that New Jersey may have jurisdiction over any legal actions against Super 8. Therefore, plaintiffs may be able to bring claims in New Jersey no matter where the Super 8 visit occurred.

Bed bug bites bear a similar appearance to mosquito bites, spider bites, and flea bites. So how can you tell them apart? Consider the following characteristics:
• Bites tend to appear in concentrated clusters or rows in the area where the specimen latched onto the victim. If bites are few and far between, the culprit may be a different type of bug or insect.
• Bites appear pink in color with a small darker spot toward the center.
• Bites are medium-sized, generally about 3/8” to half an inch across, and may be slightly raised or swollen like a welt.
• Bed bugs are primarily nocturnal, and do most of their feeding at night. Therefore, most bites appear on areas which are exposed while the victim sleeps, such as the face, hands, and neck. However, it is important to bear in mind that, while uncommon, daytime bites are still a possibility. Bite victims should not rule out bedbugs simply because they were bitten during daylight hours or while they were awake.
The desk clerk should inform you about the room’s insect history upon request. However, other warning signs that bed bugs may be present include:
• A strong, musty odor. Some sources describe this odor as being sweet, while others say it is similar to the cooking spice coriander.
• Tiny brown or black spots on your bedding indicate an infested mattress. These spots are fecal stains left behind by digested blood meals.
• Blood stains on the mattress or bedding materials, which are caused by bugs being squashed.
While learning how to identify the source of your bites can be a helpful first step toward receiving treatment, you should consult with a licensed healthcare professional as soon as possible. Even a small number of bites can expose victims to serious health risks, and delaying seeking expert medical advice can increase your risk of suffering from major health complications.

Bed bug bites can cause a wide range of significant medical issues, some of which can even be fatal if left untreated. Some health risks associated with bed bug bites include, but are not limited to, the following conditions:
 Anaphylactic Shock: Most commonly associated with bee stings, anaphylactic shock or anaphylaxis is an extremely serious allergic reaction which can be fatal without rapid intervention. Warning signs of anaphylaxis include dizziness, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and a faint or weak pulse.
 Chagas Disease: Chagas Disease is increasingly prevalent in the United States, with about 300,000 U.S. infections currently known to the CDC. The effects of Chagas Disease may lie dormant for years or even entire decades, until the victim begins to experience serious health problems caused by enlargement of the heart, colon, or esophagus. Chagas Disease is caused by Trypanosoma cruzi, which can spread from bed bug carriers to human beings.
 Hepatitis B: Hepatitis B is an infection of the liver, which is responsible for managing metabolism, digestion, and detoxification. Even in “mild” cases, hepatitis B victims can still take up to a year to fully recover. In more severe cases, victims may suffer permanent liver damage necessitating eventual organ transplant.
 Impetigo: Impetigo is an extremely contagious skin infection which results in painful facial sores. These sores eventually burst and crust over, turning brown and yellow in color. Because impetigo is so contagious (even earning the nickname “school sores” for its ability to spread rapidly among schoolchildren), infected employees may have to miss work and lose income. Impetigo can also lead to secondary infections of the skin and/or hair, known as:
• Cellulitis
• Eczematoid Dermatitis
• Folliculitis

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