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What Information Should You Exchange After a Car Accident?

Gathering the right information and keeping proper documentation is crucial after an auto accident. If you need to meet with an auto accident lawyer in West Jordan, Utah, the more information you have the better. But what’s most important? Who do you talk to after an accident? What information do you need to gather to protect yourself?

What Information Should You Exchange After a Car Accident

Other Drivers Information

Exchange basic contact information like names, phone numbers, email addresses and home addresses. You’ll also want to collect driving and vehicle information like driver’s license numbers and license plate numbers. Collect basic insurance information such as the name of the insurance provider, car registration and policy numbers.

If the vehicle involved in the crash is registered to someone other than the driver, be sure to document the relationship between the two individuals.

When exchanging personal details, never give out your social security number. There is no reason another driver should need this information.


If an auto accident involves cars with passengers, collect contact information from each of the passengers including names, phone numbers and addresses. Make note of any injuries passengers might have sustained.


If a police officer is dispatched to the scene, record the officer’s name and badge number. File a police report and keep copies of all paperwork you fill out. Write down your police report number.

Some police departments file reports online, so take screenshots throughout the process for your records. If you end up needing a lawyer, the more official documentation you can provide, the better.

Witnesses and Locals

Write down the contact information for any witnesses on the scene. If your auto accident occurred on a two-lane road in West Jordan, you might not have any witnesses to speak to. However, if the accident occurred in a more populated area in West Jordan, it’s a good idea to ask locals if they’ve ever witnessed accidents in the same place. This information can be helpful to your lawyer should you need to go to court.


Fall and winter are a popular time to drive through canyons and enjoy the changing leaves. You may drive through a Salt Lake City, Utah canyon on a leisurely Sunday. Later this year, you will be driving up Big Cottonwood Canyon to hit the ski slopes with all of the fresh powder to ski on. As you are driving through the canyon, it is important to drive safe so you don’t end up in a car accident.

Don’t Drive Too Fast

If you are driving through canyons during the later months of the year, you may have to drive through weather such as rain or snow. When driving through these conditions it is important to be cautious and drive slow.

In the case that you’re driving too quickly down the windy road, you may hydroplane or hit black ice you are unable to see. This may cause you to get in an auto accident or cause a wrongful death that could have easily been avoided. If you happen to be in an accident in the canyon, an attorney can help you during the legal process.

Don’t Text and Drive

Driving down a winding road can be difficult enough. Don’t cause an accident by driving distracted. Keep the music turned down, and don’t touch your phone while you are driving. Having your passenger navigate can help with this. If you are hit by someone who is texting while driving, you will want to hire a lawyer to help handle the aftermath.

Avoid Driving in the Dark

If you can, try to avoid driving in the dark. Driving in the dark during extreme weather is something you want to prevent. Snow and ice are potentially very hazardous driving conditions. Wildlife can also be a factor driving through canyons.

Don’t make things worse by driving at night. You may not be able to spot the wildlife as easy, and you definitely won’t be able to see ice on the roads. If you end up in an accident, a lawyer can break down the case and help you feel confident about it.

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