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Aircraft Law

Aircraft Law

With advances in aircraft technology constantly taking place, it can be difficult for congress and law enforcement agencies to keep up. While the majority of legal adjustments in West Jordan, Utah and other places all across the country are put in place to prevent the further expansion of America’s auto accident epidemic, there’s yet another kind of transportive dilemma on the minds of numerous lawmakers and any experienced lawyer: unlawful aircraft operation.

In recent months and years, the majority of aeronautic legal news has been centered on personal drones and the obvious safety dangers they pose while airborne. Additionally, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has discovered that unlawful aircraft operation has become a real issue when planes are homebuilt.

Simply put, in many instances, the craftsmen who create planes on their own property aren’t properly licensed to fly them. In fact, recently, an incident occurred in Georgia in which an unlicensed pilot caused not only his own death with a homemade plane accident, but the deaths of four innocent bystanders.

Though it’s unlikely that the trauma involving any given auto accident subside in the near future, it’s still important that pedestrians be kept safe at all times. If you’ve been involved in an accident with an unlicensed pilot, motorist or any other machine operator, consider speaking with a reputable personal injury lawyer in West Jordan or elsewhere to make things right.

Causes of Car Accidents and How to Prevent Them

Automobile injuries kill more than 30,000 people in the United States every year. A number of different factors contribute to the rate of auto accident injuries, from texting and driving to road rage, tailgating and running stop signs.

The most common cause of car crashes, however, is distracted driving.
Whether a motorist is drinking coffee, adjusting the stereo or simply talking to someone in the passenger seat, distracted driving increases the chances of getting into an auto accident by 23 times. Whether you’re driving on the highway or you’re stick in traffic outside Salt Lake City, Utah, paying attention to the road comes first.

The second most common cause of car crashes is speeding. Speed limits are in place for a reason. Avoid a call to your local lawyer by obeying posted speed limits.

While drunk driving accidents are becoming less common, alcohol-related crashes still account for thousands of accidents from the East Coast to West Jordan. The only way to prevent drunk driving accidents is not to consume alcohol before getting behind the wheel. Accidents caused by an intoxicated motorist are likely to kill an innocent party, and often result in serious payouts for damages to the victim’s family.

If you or someone you know has been injured in an auto accident, contact your local lawyer immediately to see if you are eligible for compensation.

Another Recall For General Motors

Truthfully, regardless of whether you live in Salt Lake City or some other picturesque American town, auto manufacturers greatly determine your safety while driving out on the open road. From the common car to the hardworking pickup, vehicles are complex feats of engineering.

Though mistakes are bound to happen, they should be identified and dealt with well before an automotive product is released to the public, so as to avoid lawyer involvement. With respect to automobiles, judging from recent history, one of the more frequent mechanical mishaps comes in the form of the faulty of ignition switch.

In fact, General Motors (GM) currently finds itself tangled in a legal dilemma involving the aforementioned. Apparently, a number of affected GM vehicles mislead motorists in that, though turned to the “off” position, damaged ignition systems kept certain vehicles moving, thus compromising the safety of both drivers and passengers.

Needless to say, many an auto accident has occurred because of this flaw. Fortunately, widespread justice is soon to be satisfied, seeing as how, according to CNN Money, the auto provider is pegged to pay upwards of $900 in restitution. Additionally, it’s suspected that GM will be forced to admit they withheld information from consumers about the state of infected ignition switches.

Aircraft Lawyer Free Consultation

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