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An Overview of Family Law And Divorce Cases in The State Of Utah

Interviewer: Why do you practice family law? It usually seems to be very ugly and nasty, an emotional area of law, that a lot of people would avoid.

Michael Anderson: One of the reasons I really enjoy doing divorce work is because I’m able to actually see real-world results for people. I used to represent Sears, Roebuck and Company, and we would do what are called replevin actions where we’d go get treadmills back from people or wedding rings and things like that. And it’s not very beneficial, you don’t really feel like you’re helping anyone, you feel like you’re working for this big corporate giant, and there’s just no big pay-off – no reward. But doing divorce work you can actually try and help people that actually need help, and making sure the kids are safe and they’re with parents who love them and take care of them, and trying to work out win-win situations – this has really been beneficial. So I enjoy it a lot.

Interviewer: How many divorces do you think you’ve worked on in all the years that you’ve been practicing?

Michael Anderson: I’ve probably worked on over 500 divorce cases over the last 14 years.

The Typical Mindset Of An Individual Going Through A Divorce

Interviewer: What’s the typical mindset of someone that contacts your office and is talking about divorce? Are the usually angry at the spouse? Are they afraid? What’s emotionally going on with people?

Michael Anderson: It ranges. There are people who come to my office who just found out that their husband or wife is cheating on them. Or perhaps they found out that they have some type of addiction that they were unaware of – whether it’s a drug addiction or a pornography addiction – something that causes them extreme stress. And they’re not even sure if they want a divorce, they’re just in trouble and they need help. And then it goes all the way to the other end of the spectrum where people have gotten a divorce five or six years ago, and they’re looking for a change in custody or change in child support, or a modification of that nature. So it’s all over the board.

The Best Type Of Client In A Divorce Case is An Individual Who Knows What He / She Wants

Interviewer: What kind of people make the best client and what kind of people don’t make a good client? Like in terms of their outlook, or how they are.

Michael Anderson: A really good client is one who knows what their outcome is, they know that they want to get divorced, or they know they want a custody change, and they know why. Things aren’t working out really well and they kind of have a plan already formulated in their mind. Maybe they don’t hate their soon-to-be ex, but they just know that they don’t get along and they don’t think they’re either a good dad or a good mom so they don’t want to get the kids harmed, and they’re basically looking for a solution that’ll work for everyone. So whether that’s, ‘hey I can have the kids one week’ or ‘he can have the other’ or ‘weekends’ – so they kind of already have something in mind as to what they want to do. It’s hard when clients don’t know what they want – if they’re indifferent or they’re just not sure – it makes it difficult because I don’t know how to get them what they want if they don’t know what they want.

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