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Are Divorce Rates Increasing?

Are Divorce Rates Increasing?

Divorce rates are increasing at a very fast rate in our current world. From day to day you will either hear a celebrity or a leader has divorced. I am sure divorce is not good news to anyone. Anyone who marries usually hopes for a stable and happy marriage but unfortunately life does not always give us what we anticipate. Divorce rates are increasing as a result of very many factors such as:

1. Irresponsibility

A young man may marry and he truly knows that he does not have the means to sustain a family. He may be one of those kinds of men who just wake up early in the morning just to go and sit at the shopping center to make stories with their friends.

There are other men who do not mind what the family is going to eat, I mean they just exist. I think what they actually do is just ignoring their responsibilities and impregnating their wives which is not good.
If a person is not ready for marriage better not try it otherwise great responsibility is needed. If a woman stays with an irresponsible man, she may opt to just leave and stay alone which would be better. You will actually find these men insulting their wives and despising them which is really wrong. The woman might persevere but after numerous insults, she will just decide to leave. This is common nowadays and is a common cause of divorce.

2. Unfaithfulness

Most couples complain about unfaithful partners. There are so many reasons as to why couples may decide to cheat on each other. If a person decides to get into a marriage he or she should do it wholeheartedly without looking back. This is why one should honor commitment and not start playing with the opposite sex after getting married. If a person is not ready for settling he or she should not even think about settling, the person should take his or her time before settling otherwise if they start seeing other members of the opposite sex while in marriage, it may lead to divorce.

3. Finances

Some spouses marry each other when they are both earning below average. If one partner earns more and gets a better salary, he or she is tempted to find another partner with the same class as his or hers. Some even start despising their partner because they have a salary increase. When quoting the marriage vows, you usually say you will stand with your partner in richness or poverty. These factors should not make you leave or get tempted to cheat on your partner. However, in our current world money is a very big issue and is causing the splitting of very many families.

4. Many people have co-workers of the opposite gender

If a man has co-workers of the same gender he will definitely get tempted to start dating other ladies. Relationships become less stable when there are lots of opportunities to meet a new mate in the workplace. There is a study that shows that married individuals have a higher risk of divorce when the ‘adult sex ratios’ of their office present are members of the opposite sex.

The main problem actually comes if the man sees a woman who looks better than his wife in terms of her physical appearance. It actually gets serious if by that time you are having marriage trials and the marriage seems not to work. He may find himself easily attracted to those women and even start another relationship. This will spoil things even further. Since a lot of marriages are undergoing such problems, divorce rates are increasing.

5. Cohabitation

In the olden days, living with a person with whom you are not married to was not allowed. Nowadays it is a very common lifestyle. You will find campus students living together yet they are still young not even ready for marriage.

The funny thing is that the majority of them go separate ways after graduating and others may get unwanted pregnancies. Many people get disappointed especially after school since those partners go and marry other people which is a major cause of divorce and a reason why divorce is increasing,

6. Less fear of divorce

In olden times people lived decently and really respected their marriages. Divorce cases were very rare during those times. People actually feared divorce. Nowadays people do not fear getting divorced since, after all, they will get another husband or wife.

Another unfortunate thing is that if you divorce and remarry chances of divorce are very high. The aspect of taking marriage with a lot of keenness and consideration is nowadays undermined and many people take marriage as a joke which is really wrong. The more people take marriage for granted the higher the rate of divorce.

7. Children from divorced parents also get divorced

Chances of children from divorced families being stable in their marriages are low though it does not affect, everyone. Children usually learn a lot from their parents, knowingly or unknowingly. They may find themselves doing some things exactly like their parents.

In case the pressure of marriage is upon them, they may find it hard to cope and the majority of them tend to quit which is a very big reason as to why children from divorcees also divorce. It is really good for such people to seek guidance and counseling before marrying if they want to have good marriages.

8. Women have become a strong presence in the workforce

Due to women empowerment, we have a lot of successful women in society. Most women are learned and have been able to secure good jobs. Some of them are more learned than their husbands. You will notice the number of women driving better cars than men.
A policy that says, ‘what a man can do, a woman can do better,’ has dominated in our society and women are now empowered, Most women have their own money and are financially stable. They may find it hard to stay with husbands and find it hard to submit since they are able to sustain themselves which is a major cause of divorce today.

9. Independence in crippling marriages

Couples end up in court seeking divorce because they wait too long to find solutions to the problems in their marriage. As much as we are a nation of independent people, we are supposed to humble and ask for help from others and most importantly experts.
There are complex issues or problems in marriages which you cannot solve without help from others. Most people think that if we work harder at marriage, we can deal with the issues. What we don’t know is that without the skill to work out the problems, there is nothing you are doing.
If only some couples were humble enough and had the willingness to admit that they had marriage problems and needed help, then they would not fall victims of divorce.

10. Couples do not know how to fight fair

Most couples have this romantic notion that as long as they are in love there should not be any fights between them. Once the fighting begins, they do not understand how someone who loves them would try to criticize them, and then things in the relationship start changing negatively. Partners need to realize that fighting is healthy for relationships. If not, couples may start withdrawing from their spouses and be irritated or dissatisfied.

11. Inability to give control

A person’s role may change in marriage. At times, the man may be in control of major issues and at other times the woman will be in control of major issues. I have seen couples striving and being unwilling to give over control to each other. We all know that a woman should be submissive to the husband but in this context, there can be mutual submission. The “my way or the highway” attitude is destroying many good marriages and leaving people with nothing but their need to be control freaks.

12. Declining moral values

People are too quick to seek comfort somewhere else if things aren’t working out in their marriages. Declining morals and the crooked belief that extramarital affairs are justifiable if your partner is not meeting all your needs is costing many marriages.
Very few marriages recover from infidelity. Straying outside the marriage due to problems only adds more problems to the marriage. If there is a problem couples are encouraged to seek advice or visit guidance and counseling centers instead of adding more problems to their marriages.

13. Immature expectations

Most people have childish expectations when it comes to the issue of marriage. We think if we will meet someone, fall in love, marry, then that person will take care of all our needs. We are not marrying a motivational speaker to whom we keep bringing problems to.

Instead, we are marrying a person with weaknesses and problems also. Most people believe their spouses will there be every step of the way and solve any problems that arise or distill any loneliness that they feel. We marry expecting someone else to make us happy, instead of creating our own happiness.

I have seen that too many people marry without realizing that their happiness is their own responsibility. One should ensure that he or she has their own happiness before engaging in any marriage relationship.

14. Premarital childbearing and pregnancy

Men who take responsibility after impregnating a lady are very few. In most cases, they run away leaving the girl with all the burdens to bear. Majority of these girls find help from their parents and later give the children to the mothers who will take care of their children for them.
Studies show that women who engaged in sex before marriage have higher chances of having an unstable marriage compared to those who are married as virgins. Premarital sex is very common in our society. Children engage in sex as early as when they are in their teens. Chances of being faithful are very low. This is the reason why divorce rates are increasing day by day.

15. Lack of religious affiliation

Research has shown that those without a religious affiliation have higher chances of divorce. For example in Christianity, there are basic rules and principles that govern marriages which are supposed to be followed.
When it comes to the Islamic religion, they also have basic rules governing marriage. Marriage should be taken seriously so it is wise if we considered marrying a person with religious affiliation since he or she has guidelines compared to a person without religious guidelines who may mislead you leading to divorce.

16. Less education

According to research, those who have managed to reach college education have lower chances of divorce than those who get married with lower levels of education. In this case, I tend to believe that at some point the man may start looking down upon the unlearned wife.
The more a person reads the more the knowledge and the more the exposure. If the woman who is unlearned discovers that she is being taken advantage of because of her level of education, she may decide to quit her marriage, advance her studies, and make up for the years she wasted. This is not very common but is a cause of divorce.

17. Many addictions

There are many forms of addictions, which may be alcohol, drugs, gambling, and pornography. When you love someone who is addicted to a substance or to something, you know how terrible the disease of addiction is.
When you’re married to someone who is addicted, not only do you suffer from watching the person you love become affected – you are directly affected, yourself. If you’re in an addicted relationship and you’re not sure where the marriage is headed, where your spouse is headed, or where you are headed it’s crucial that you seek professional guidance since this is the breaking point for most marriages.

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