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Can DCFS take my child without a court order?

Can DCFS take my child without a court order?

This is a very common question. DCFS can only take your child if there is a court order or if you have abused or neglected your child. I’ve actually never seen it happen that DCFS took a child with out a court order.

I’ve heard things like: “I know that DCFS is saying that they are moving to protect my child, and they mean well, but I don’t understand why they would make this decision without involving me in the process. I have been working with the DCFS agency for over a year now, and I have done everything that was asked of me.”

What about my rights as a parent? Can the state come in and separate a family without going to court? What if I disagree with the decision? Is there any way I can stop them from taking my child?

Your next best step is to get a DCFS attorney on your side.

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