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What Are Some Common Contract Disputes You Might Handle?

A recent case involved the sale of a business. Of course, there was a contract involved so the question was regarding the terms of the contract and what was meant by some of the provisions. This happened because it had not been drafted by an attorney, so there was some vagueness to it and there were some misunderstandings. One person believed the contract meant one thing whereas the other person believed it meant something else.

We look at prior precedent in these sorts of cases and we try to see what the courts had ruled in the past regarding similar cases and what they had interpreted words to mean. This is how we can assist our clients in moving forward based on the terms of that contract, and whether or not there even was a contract and whether or not there was a meeting of the minds.

Do You Handle Contract Disputes On Behalf Of Your Business Clients?

Yes, absolutely, and this is one of the main areas we focus on for clients. We not only help with drafting them and make sure they are drafted correctly, but we also handle that type of litigation if there was a dispute regarding them. Sometimes, it would not be about just litigation, because there might be some negotiation or mediation or resolution of the matter in arbitration. It could be any one of the dispute alternatives, but we do handle contract dispute claims.

Do These Cases Usually End Up In Court Or Do They Tend To Settle?

This would really depend on the point at which the client came to our office. We would try and avoid court if it was a regular business client of ours, because it would save our client money, time, expense, headache and heartache. Unfortunately, if the lawsuit had already been filed, then we would try and resolve it as soon as possible, although it would really just depend on opposing counsel and whether we were able to negotiate the terms of the settlement.

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