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Coping with Psychological Damage After an Accident

Coping with Psychological Damage After an Accident

So you’ve been in an auto accident. After you have been to the hospital, repaired your car and called your car accident lawyer, is it over? For some, an accident doesn’t end when the medical bills are paid off. The screech of the metal, the feeling of spinning out of control, and the pain of the injuries sustained can have lasting damage — not only on the body, but also on the mind.


Many people have trouble driving after an auto accident. The idea of going through the entire ordeal again, from wreck to hospital to lawyer, can be too much for a person to want to face. Take your time. Areas such as Salt Lake City, Utah offer alternatives to driving, such as the bus or ride sharing programs. Take advantage of these until you can talk to someone about driving again. Don’t drive in an unfamiliar area until you feel safe driving again.


If you get into an accident on a street you frequent in Salt Lake City, the first time driving by the scene of your accident — whether as a passenger or as a driver — can bring up resurgent feelings of terror. If you can help it, don’t go back to that area until you feel you are ready. Give yourself time to understand that what happened to you isn’t going to happen again — then when you do visit the scene of the wreck, have someone with you to talk to about what you’re thinking or feeling. Don’t drive by the scene of your auto accident alone until you feel comfortable.


If after some time you find yourself still feeling uncomfortable driving or have panic attacks thinking about going back to the scene of the accident in Salt Lake City, talk to a mental health professional immediately. You called a lawyer to settle the accident — hiring one more professional to get you through the psychological trauma can be just as necessary, sometimes even more so. Don’t drive until you are totally prepared to face the open road again, both physically and mentally.


Not all car accidents are created equal; getting into a minor fender-bender while trying to find a parking spot in Salt Lake City is totally different from getting into a high-speed collision on the I-15 outside of West Jordan, Utah. So when does your auto accident dictate hiring a lawyer? Mostly, it depends on injury.

Someone Has Been Seriously Injured

If either you or the other party has incurred serious injury such as broken bones, paralysis or any other potentially permanent injury, you’ll want to contact a lawyer immediately. Any serious injury means that serious money is at stake — and you’ll want all the help you can get. Auto accident injury claims can drag on for an extended period of time, and hiring a professional can help speed up the process exponentially.

Fault Is Contested

If the other party swerved into your lane on your way to West Jordan, but is now arguing that you were the one who was negligent, you should contact a lawyer right away. If the other driver were to successfully prove that you were responsible for the accident, you will lose all compensation — and walk out of the situation significantly poorer than when you first arrived. Furthermore, someone who is contesting fault in an auto accident has likely already hired a lawyer himself, so it’s time to up your game.

You Have to Go to Court

Often coinciding with serious injury or death, more serious auto accident claims often result in one party taking the other to court. If you can’t arrive at a settlement amiably — or even if you can — having an experienced auto accident lawyer on your side can ensure you get all the compensation you deserve. In addition, court proceedings require you to have a lawyer representing you, so you might as well hire one with experience in auto accidents.

You’re Racking Up Expenses

If your mailbox post-accident is full of large medical bills from the local West Jordan hospital, you might want to consider hiring a lawyer. Dealing with your insurance company over a $5,000 bill is one thing, but how about a $35,000 bill? If you suddenly find yourself faced with a slew of imposing medical and car shop bills, you could benefit from some legal expertise to help you sort everything out. Nobody enjoys dealing with his or her insurance company — luckily, your lawyer can do that for you.

Not all auto accident claims require legal representation, but if you have a complicated case on your hands or you’re drowning in medical bills, an auto accident lawyer can help you get back on your feet. Whether you live in West Jordan or Salt Lake City, don’t hesitate fight for the money you deserve.

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