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Discrimination and Harassment Claims

Have you experienced wrongful termination of work related discrimination at your place of employment or know someone who has experienced this work related issue? You aren’t alone and you deserve an Utah attorney residents can depend on. While cases such as these were once swept under the rug, we as a society have now, seemingly, reached a place and time in our work environments where these debilitating and unlawful, not to mention unfair, circumstances can be addressed and dealt with successfully. The Salt Lake City Utah attorney can take your unlawful situation and give you representation you deserve.

Discrimination and Harassment Claims

Work discrimination can take a variety of forms and an attorney in Salt Lake City should be well aware of the identification of these forms and the processes needed to successfully and judicially retaliate on your behalf. The United States Equal Opportunity commission has outlined ten common forms of discrimination:

  • An employer may refuse to hire or dismiss an employee that they do not accept. (This is unlawful in the state of Utah and a well experience lawyer Utah residents can trust, can help you in this matter.
  • An individual may be denied rightful compensation, assignments or growth opportunities or classification in the workplace. (This can be defined in many different ways, but it ultimately amounts to the fact that as an employee you are entitled to the monetary amounts you are promised and so rightly deserving of.  The Salt Lake City Utah attorney does not shy away from the bullies of large corporations but rather welcomes the opportunity to serve the working man.)
  • The employer may deny a promotion or target specific individuals in a layoff.
  • Discriminatory recruitment or testing policies may be put into effect to facilitate discrimination.
  • An employer may deny certain groups the usage of company facilities and opportunities.
  • The employer may refuse to offer the same fringe benefits and retirement opportunities that other employees receive in the workplace. These benefits are crucial to your well-being as an employee and an American citizen.  The attorney Salt Lake City employees need, can be found at our Salt Lake City Utah attorney understands that when dealing with an employment issue, monetary amounts must be altered differently than other types of cases.

According to, the most common forms of discrimination include age discrimination. Regardless of your birth year you have the right to the benefits and opportunities you are promised and have rightfully earned and that are given to your younger teammates at your place of employment and you can count on the proven track record of a Utah attorney residents can attest to. Another, illegal but all too common form of discrimination, is discrimination based on the disability of an individual.  In addition to age and disability is discrimination based on nationality or origin. In the land of a modern, free melting pot, which is luckily enough to be home to multiple cultures and nationalities is unacceptable and unlawful for discrimination based on these aspects. An attorney Salt Lake City employees can turn to help you determine your next steps is only a phone call away.

A type of discrimination, which is often times brought under confusion is equal pay and compensation discrimination. Perhaps the most heated topic of debate is that of sexual harassment in the office. Though this tends to be directed towards female it is not doubt an across the board type of discrimination. We tend to determine discrimination as a racial or religious related issue but more often than not, unwanted harassment based solely on the gender of an individual is often prevalent in corporate offices and small businesses. These can often times be in jest and situations occur in which lines can be blurred, which lends men and women to believe that nothing can be done. However, an experienced Salt Lake City Utah law firm can help you determine your options in the face of gender based discrimination or harassment. Other types of discrimination include:

  • Race based discrimination
  • Religious discrimination
  • Retaliation
  • Sex-based discrimination
  • Sexual harassment

A recent court case centered in New York; which is by most accounts a stark contrast in many ways to Utah, but identifiable none-the-less, focused on gender discrimination in the workplace. This high profile case consisted of a group of 5,600 female sales representatives who were eventually awarded $250 million in punitive damages.  According to the female representatives a particular boss in their department exhibited lewd behavior around them. Regardless of the fact that a few individuals brought this to the boss’s supervisor’s attention, it was dismissed and the department boss, conducting the lewd behavior was allowed to stay on without investigation. Eventually, more reports were brought to attention until an investigation and a five-week trial verified exactly what the witnesses attested to both in court and in the workplace. Law firms in Salt Lake City Utah stay up to date on these cases so we can better represent you in your time of need.  While this is a success story in many ways and a powerful testament to progress in the workplace, it is also a horrid realization that this is one story out of many stories. Unfortunately many of these stories go unearthed and unreported. More common than not that individuals are never given the opportunity to contest a wrongful termination or acts of lewd behavior for fear of losing their job or benefits. An attorney Salt Lake City residents can trust, will understand that this is a sensitive issue. For most Americans work is a large part of their life and anyone who has experienced a hostile work environment knows that its negativity can reflect in your health and outside behavior. Illegal discrimination includes harassment that creates an intimidation, offensive, abusive, or hostile work environment for employees, which violates federal employment discrimination laws and law firms in the Salt Lake City area such as ours, can tell you what you need to know in regards to your situation.

While we like to believe each individual will be treated fairly at his or her job, the fact of the matter is that sometimes the little people, who have less power than those in charge, are often wrongfully discriminated against.

In these situations it is understandable to feel alone and powerless. That’s how a discriminatory corporation wants you to feel. However, you are not alone and you do have the power to fight back with the help of the lawyer Utah employees can rely on. Gone are the days when discrimination was as common as flour in a bakery. While it may be tempting the chalk it up as a loss and find new employment, remember that you have worked for a place in a company and have the right to be treated fairly regardless of your age, race or religion.

This often times becomes a type of situation that is overlooked, because in these economic times people rely on their work and as a diligent nation we pride ourselves in our ability to do our jobs effectively. While hard work and determination in the work place, in spite of adversity is a commendable trait to have, do not become settled in the fact that you must suffer wrongful and illegal discrimination in your workplace just to survive.

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