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Does Marriage Length Affect Property Division?

When it comes to legal topics concerning divorce, such as the payment of child support or parental relocation, emotions can be intense for people on both sides. Across Salt Lake City, Utah, this can be especially true for those who are concerned about how their marital property will be divvied out. If you are wondering how property will be distributed between you and your spouse after you divorce, it is crucial to understand how various factors, such as the length of time you were married, could impact the way that property is split up.

Does Marriage Length Affect Property Division

On the website of the Utah Courts, a number of factors related to the division of marital property are discussed. Among them is the amount of time that a couple was married. If you and your spouse were married for a very short period of time, you may be given what belonged to you when you were first married, and the same is true for your spouse.

However, if you have been married for a long time, the court may determine to split marital property evenly between you and your spouse or award one party more property than the other. On top of the length of your marriage, many other issues can come into play when courts decide how to distribute marital property, such as the income of each spouse, you and your spouse’s health and other matters.

It is necessary to point out that this post does not represent any type of alternative to legal advice and was written to provide general information.


While Utah state family law policies are designed to address a large array of matters, there are instances where they fall short of accounting for truly unique cases. In fact, some people find themselves with far more questions than answers when they are forced to deal with the legal issues that can arise out of extreme circumstances.

A Utah family law court has the authority to alter an alimony agreement in instances where a significant and unforeseeable change occurs in the circumstances of the case. Consequently, one woman is requesting that her monthly spousal support payments to her ex-husband be legally stopped. The woman’s ex-husband will reportedly be able to challenge her court petition, which is scheduled to occur later this month. However, the woman is hoping that the court will comply with her request, given the extreme conditions of her case.

Besides the most recent incident of family law litigation, the woman reportedly pursued legal complaints against her ex-husband more than once over allegations of stalking. And now the ex-husband has been charged with several offenses, including aggravated murder, for the death of the woman’s current husband in July of this year.

Given that her ex-husband will face trial for the murder of her husband, the woman does not feel that it is appropriate for her to continue to pay spousal support in the amount of $500 to him every month. People can benefit the most from sound legal counsel and support in cases involving such unusual and/or extreme circumstances. An experienced attorney can help their clients understand the law and how it applies directly to them.

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