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Estate Planning Concerns

Call our office and ask for Candace. Tell her you would like to schedule a “Free Initial Consultation” with attorney Michael Anderson. Tell Candace that you found the Estate Planning website informative and were referred by this page. If you do this now, you will experience the best Estate Planning Legal Services available.It’s best to consult an estate planning attorney for the most complete and accurate information, and to get the full answers you need.

Listen to Michael Anderson explain just two problems that can occur in a joint revocable living trust. . . just click on the “play” button below…

Someone asked me just the other day, “How many different kinds of trusts are there?” I thought about it for a minute. Of course, there are some obvious trusts that almost everyone is familiar with, for example, the revocable living trust. Most everyone has heard of a living trust as well. But what about a Qualified Terminable Interest Property Trust?  What about a Grantor Retained Annuity Trust? The truth is, there are so many different “types” of trusts that some don’t even have a “formal” name.

I outlined the names of the different types of trusts that are commonly used and I have a special offer for those who listen!  Go ahead and click on the “play” button below…

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