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Garfield County Utah

Garfield County Utah

Garfield County is a county located in the U.S. state of Utah. Its total population was 5,172, making it the fifth-least populous county in Utah. Its county seat and largest city is Panguitch. Garfield County was named after the assassinated U.S. President James A. Garfield in 1882, but the history of this county goes back much further.

Evidence of the prehistoric Anasazi Indian culture can be found in the Anasazi State Museum near the city of Boulder. The area has many natural resources (such vast rangelands and forests) that have provided a major industry since the time of the pioneers. Now one of the county’s dominant industries is tourism, with Ruby’s Inn, Inc. as one of the county’s largest employers. Although there is an oilfield currently producing, most of the county’s energy making resources including coal, tar sands, and uranium have not been developed. There are many things to see in this county with two National Parks including Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, and much more. Be sure to see the Hoodoos before leaving this area. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 5,208 square miles (13,490 km2), of which 5,175 square miles (13,400 km2) is land and 33 square miles (85 km2) (0.6%) is water. It is the fifth-largest county in Utah by area. The Colorado River, passing through a deep gorge, forms the eastern boundary. Westward, the cliffs of tributary canyons give way to the barren stretches of the San Rafael Desert, beyond which a variety of mountains, plateaus and canyons make up the terrain. Most of Bryce Canyon National Parklies in the southwestern part of the county and the northern half of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument occupies the middle of the county. A large portion of Capitol Reef National Park lies in the east-central part of the county. A very small part of Canyonlands National Park lies in the northeast corner of the county.

Adjacent counties
• Wayne County (north)
• San Juan County (east)
• Kane County (south)
• Iron County (west)
• Beaver County (northwest)
• Piute County (northwest)
National protected areas
• Bryce Canyon National Park
• Canyonlands National Park
• Capitol Reef National Park
• Dixie National Forest
• Fishlake National Forest
• Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
• Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

There were 1,576 households out of which 38.40% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 66.40% were married couples living together, 6.80% had a female householder with no husband present, and 23.90% were non-families. 20.50% of all households were made up of individuals and 10.10% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.92 and the average family size was 3.43. In the county, the population was spread out with 32.60% under the age of 18, 7.80% from 18 to 24, 23.10% from 25 to 44, 22.40% from 45 to 64, and 14.10% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 34 years. For every 100 females there were 104.60 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 102.20 males. The median income for a household in the county was $35,180, and the median income for a family was $40,192. Males had a median income of $30,239 versus $20,408 for females. The per capita income for the county was $13,439. About 6.10% of families and 8.10% of the population were below the poverty line, including 8.80% of those under age 18 and 10.40% of those ages 65 or over.

Garfield County UT Cities, Towns, Neighborhoods and most populated places
• Antimony
• Boulder Town
• Bryce Canyon City
• Cannonville
• Escalante
• Hatch
• Henrieville
• Panguitch
• Tropic
• Bear Valley Junction
• Bone Valley
• Bryce Canyon
• Eggnog
• Hillsdale
• Juniper Park Resort
• Lake View Resort
• Osiris
• Panguitch Lake Resort
• Spry
• Three Forks
• Ticaboo
• Widtsoe
• Widtsoe Junction

Many of us are guilty of a traffic violation at one time or another in life. Being a law abiding citizen includes paying the parking tickets we get on time. Not paying these parking tickets doesn’t make them go away. An arrest record, as the name states, is a record maintained by the law enforcement agencies of a person’s arrests. An arrest warrant, on the other hand, is a document issued by the judge to allow the police to take a suspect in custody for investigation. The arrest records in some states have copies of arrest warrants, while in some other states; they may just have the name of the court and the warrant number.

A warrant from Garfield County, MT mostly includes:
• The name of the person to be arrested or an alias or a code name or description he is known by.
• The order given by the judge or the judicial officer to arrest the individual and present him before the judge without further delay.
• The offence and charge the accused is being arrested for.
• The summons asking the defendant to appear before the judge immediately.
There are mainly 4 kinds of warrants, which further branch out into many more sub categories. The 4 main types include:
• Traffic citation warrant – This is issued to people who have forgotten to pay their parking tickets and have also ignored the second notice received with a higher late payment charge. This kind of warrant is issued for pending ticket payments and for serious traffic offenses.
• Child Support warrants – This order is issued against the party who is responsible to pay child support. It is only issued when a person fails to make the payment and doesn’t respond to the summons issued by the sheriff’s office.
• Civil Warrants – These are issued for small claims cases for a specific jurisdiction.
• Criminal Warrants – These are issued to apprehend a person who has committed a crime, at the earliest.

You can do warrant search both online and offline.

Offline – It can be done by visiting the state county or city office. You can also visit a police station or approach a law enforcement agency and ask them to run a warrant search for you. You can also call any of these parties and ask them for the information. However, if you have an arrest warrant in your name, be prepared to turn yourself in, before you choose to take the offline approach. When you get in touch with local law enforcement, you are giving the police an opportunity to trace you or to catch you when you walk–in.

Online – To do an online warrant check, you can go to websites of federal, state, county or city agencies that may have procured the warrant against you. You will be able to search for outstanding warrants easily. Doing an online search enables you to maintain anonymity, so you can also check anyone’s warrant history. In some cases, the websites will show you a warrant list and you will have to go through the whole list to track the name you are looking for. There are some convenient websites that allow you to just type the name and get the warrant details.

There are some non-government websites too that can get you various records from court to criminal and arrest. They charge a fee for these services, but they can get you the details of warrants in your name. However, some states do not allow third-party websites to access arrest records or arrest warrants. You can have the warrant cancelled in some cases and most people would recommend it. You can get the warrant cancelled by visiting the court house that has issued the warrant and paying the fine, if it is an offense involving a fine. You can also post a bond and see the judge at the earliest. In most cities, you can visit the court between 8.00 and 9:00 AM, and appear before the judge for a criminal or traffic warrant. The warrant list is available on state, city and county websites. Often, it is also available on the sheriff’s website. In case the county or city governance or law enforcement doesn’t have a website, the warrant list will be available at the local police station. A warrant round up in Garfield County, MT is a way for the county or city to collect the outstanding fines payable by people. It is a good opportunity for people to go to court on the day of the round-up and get the matter addressed. Missing this opportunity simply creates a pathway for arrest at any time in the future. The warrant division is always located at the sheriff’s office. The actual arrest warrant, that is the hardcopy of the document, is sent from the court to the warrant division, which further circulates it to the police officers seeking the warrant.

Updated information from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) State Demography Office, shows many population related trends affecting Garfield County. According to a report presented to the Board of County Commissioners in April by state Demographer Elizabeth Garner, Garfield County has experienced an estimated increase in population of 3,017 between 2010 and 2017. The U.S Census Bureau estimated the county’s overall population at 59,118 in 2017. Since 2010, Carbondale saw an increase in net population of 431; Glenwood Springs 406; Rifle 329; New Castle 326; Silt 206; Parachute 29; and 1,290 in unincorporated Garfield County. The state of Colorado’s overall average growth rate since 2010 is 1.5 percent. Like Garfield, neighboring Pitkin, Eagle, and Mesa counties also saw growth over the same time frame. Those adjacent counties increased in population by 700, 2,700, and 5,100 people, respectively. Colorado is home to more than 5.6 million people, with 77,049 new residents between 2016 and 2017, placing the Centennial State eighth in total U.S. growth. Garfield County still hasn’t rebounded back to peak employment numbers from prior to the Great Recession. The county has 2,721 fewer jobs than it did before the national economic downturn in 2008, though the unemployment rate was down to 2.9 percent in 2017. In Garfield County, 38 percent of residents are in the low-wage earning group ($21,700 to 37,800); 33 percent are in the mid-wage range ($44,000 to $56,800); and 29 percent are considered high-wage earners ($58,500 to $96,500). According to the presentation, the largest employers in the county are Valley View Hospital (859), followed by Grand River Health (520), and the Grand River Hospital District (440).

Overall, the study found that Western Slope is the state’s fastest growing region. Garfield County’s estimated population by 2030 is 77,404, and 105,711 by 2050. The Garfield County Economic Profile is a compilation of demographic and financial data, and analysis, designed to provide a snapshot of the Garfield County economy. It includes information on population, income levels, educational attainment, labor force and employment, industry sectors, real estate and Garfield County’s own operating indicators. This profile is updated every year in the first quarter as new information becomes available.

Health Benefits

Health benefits include: medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage for employees and dependents. These are available to employees working 30 or more hours per week.

Life Insurance

Garfield County provides employees with a $50,000 term life insurance and AD&D benefit.

Voluntary Life Insurance

Employees are given the opportunity to purchase additional life insurance. Life insurance may also be purchased for dependents.

Retirement Plan

• Employees with less than 10 years of service contribute 5% of their gross earnings pre-tax and the County matches this amount. The employer contributions follow a vesting schedule and are 100% vested at five years.
• Garfield County offers a voluntary retirement program that allows employees to make contributions on a pre-tax or Roth option post-tax basis. Contributions are not matched by the County.

Garfield County offers a Flexible Benefit Plan that provides employees with the opportunity to contribute pre-taxed funds for healthcare and/or dependent care. The County typically observes 10 holidays. These are generally traditional holidays recognized by public sector employees.

Garfield County Utah Court Directory

The Utah trial court system consists of District Courts, Juvenile Courts, and Justice Courts. Below is a directory of court locations in Garfield County. Links for online court records and other free court resources are provided for each court, where available.

District Courts in Garfield County
• 6th District Court – Garfield County
Garfield County Courthouse
55 South Main Street, PO Box 77, Panguitch, UT 84759
Phone: 435-676-1104
Fax: 435-676-8629
Juvenile Courts in Garfield County
• 6th District Juvenile Court – Garfield County
845 East 300 North, Richfield, UT 84701
Phone: 435-896-2700
Fax: 435-896-8047
Justice Courts in Garfield County
• Garfield County Justice Court
Garfield County Courthouse
55 South Main Street, PO Box 77, Panguitch, UT 84759
Phone: 435-676-8826
Fax: 435-676-8239
• Panguitch City Justice Court
Garfield County Courthouse
55 South Main Street, PO Box 77, Panguitch, UT 84759
Phone: 435-676-1115
Fax: 435-676-8239
Garfield County Website:

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