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Got Any Of These Motor Vehicle Accidents? Get A Qualified Accident Attorney

The NHTSA records show that in every ten seconds a person gets injured in a vehicle accident in the USA. The accidents have different causes, but negligence is the leading cause of all the accidents reported. A case can be placed under strict liability if the driver was involved in an extra hazardous activity or if the vehicle had a defect. Some personal injury lawsuits are also forwarded with the theory of intentional misconduct and reckless driving.

Driveway Accidents

Driveways are considered to be safe places where accidents are not likely to happen. The fact is that they are pretty dangerous for children. These accidents are either caused by a child shifting gears of a parked vehicle or an adult driver causing an accident in what is usually referred to as back over. As much as the driver is the first one to be held responsible for the driveway vehicle accident the automobile and homeowners can also be liable.

A product manufacturer is responsible is the vehicle which has sensors or cameras fails to detect a child. Homeowners can also face a premises liability lawsuit if they fail to take dangerous conditions into account. The driver is not safe in this case; he or she can be charged with vehicular assault, reckless engagement, or involuntary manslaughter.

A Cyclist or Pedestrian Hit by a Vehicle

It is important that a pedestrian or a cyclist collects the required information immediately after the accident to give the personal injury lawyer easy time following up the case. Calling 911 to request for the police and ambulance is a good idea because the police will be able to have the first-hand information. Get the contacts to witnesses if there is any because you may need them. It may not be easy for a victim to take pictures of the scene but it is good to do so if you can.

Tire Blowout Accidents

Tire blowout accidents are complicated compared to others. A driver can place a product liability claim if the tire didn’t have any sign of wearing out but ended up bursting. If the car with bust tire knocks a third party, then the victim can place negligence claim against the driver. You need an experienced accident attorney to handle a tire blowout accident for you to be sure of victory.

Driverless Car Accident

The computer is held liable for the driverless car accident though the law doesn’t provide such provision. The law on the other hand places all blames on the manufacturer. If the car that has been involved in the accident is a semi-autonomous self-driving, then the driver will be liable for the crash. Driverless car accidents are complex, and you may not get an easy win if you don’t involve an experienced accident attorney.

Car Accident Caused by Ice

The traffic laws require drivers to change their driving style to adapt to the weather and the road. If you knock another vehicle, you will be considered at fault even if you were driving on an icy road. You are likely to be considered negligent despite the fact that you were sliding on ice.

Final Thought

Vehicle accidents can be complicated; you, therefore, need to involve a qualified accident injury lawyer to follow up the case on your behalf. Take necessary actions as soon as the accident happens so that you don’t water down your case.