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How Long Do Personal Injury Claims Typically Take To Get Resolved?

Every case is different when it comes to resolutions. The shortest, quickest case I have ever been involved in lasted approximately five months. Average is probably eight months to a year, it is probably pretty normal. Then there are cases that I have been involved in that have gone to trial and it is at least three to five years.

What Are Some Unintentional Mistakes Detrimental To A Personal Injury Claim?

People need to be aware of unintentional mistakes when they are involved in a personal injury claims. Sometimes people have a trip planned and they take pictures and post the pictures on social media sites, like Facebook or Instagram and now the whole world knows that they were vacation. If you were injured and in the middle of a personal injury claim, this it is not the smartest idea to publicize your activities, especially if physical activities were involved. If you were seriously injured, you probably should not go.

You have to think that everything you are going to do, the entire world is going to know about it and a jury is going to be very harsh and critical of everything you do after your accident. This is a pretty extreme example. It completely destroys that case. If you have a personal injury case and you feel like you have been injured you should not be out and involved in strenuous physical activities period.

You need to recover. You must assume that everybody is watching. Most of the time, it is people that hurt themselves not some investigator that is following them. Another thing they need to think about is doing everything that the doctor tells you to do. If they ask you to exercise, you need to exercise; if they say come to these appointments, come three times a week, you go three times a week. If you need to be in physical therapy for treatment to get better, then you make every appointment no matter what.

You do what you need to do to recover, because if you do not, what you are telling people is either A) you really were not injured that badly, so you did not need the treatment; or B) you did not really care what the doctor said, because you wanted to prolong the treatment so you could get more money. Either one of those examples is bad. If you have question or concerns, speak to your attorney because your attorney will tell you, “Yes, you can do that”, or, “No, you ought not to.”

What Are Some Red Flags To Consider When Retaining A Personal Injury Attorney?

There is that stigma of ambulance chasers when looking into hiring a personal injury attorney. Those who go to the hospitals that seek you out, I would definitely stay away from those types of attorneys. Those are the ones that were willing to come to your bed at the hospital. You should not be worrying about suing somebody when you are injured and trying to recover, especially if you are in the hospital. Do your homework, look for reputable attorneys, and look at facts, reviews, word of mouth. A good decent attorney even will visit you at your home or in the hospital to help you with your case. You want to research an attorney who has the background and knowledge in personal injury cases. Somebody who is not going to force you into settling is a good attorney.

Sometimes, attorneys will level with you and say, “Look, your case is not perfect and let me tell you what is wrong here.” Most attorneys that are good are going to tell you not just the good things about your case, but they are going to tell you the bad things too. There are no perfect cases. I never have really seen one that has been perfect, because every fact is different, every element has something different and every case has something unique to it.

It is important that the attorney be thorough. It is also not a bad idea to talk to the doctors. Sometimes there are doctors who regularly work with attorneys. I know the doctors we work with especially the specialists and the experts. They know who we are because we work with them on a regular basis.

What Sets Your Firm Apart In Handling Personal Injury Claims?

We are not a huge mill that just churns and burns. We care about our clients, and we want them to get better, and we want them to have the best life that they can possibly have after they have been injured. We definitely care, that is why we do not take a lot of cases all at once. We will not take your case if it does not have merit, and we really just want to help people. That is what sets us apart, our personal attention to every case. We actually as attorneys work on the cases ourselves, we do not have a paralegal do assist us, and we will get the best settlement that we possibly can for every client; each one is a different and unique case in itself. If we cannot get a settlement, then we will go to trial. There are some law firms out there that all they do is settle, and they will never take a case to trial. That is not for us. If the insurance company will not settle at a given amount that we believe is fair, we will take the case to trial and our firm’s reputation speaks for itself.

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