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What Has Been Your Experience In Handling Personal Injury Cases?

The Ascent Law has handled a multitude personal injury cases over the past 16 years. Attorney Michael Anderson began his experience handling these types of cases with a case involving a man who was rear-ended by a semi tractor-trailer that changed lanes while going up a hill. The man was so severely injured he nearly broke his neck.

Attorney Anderson was involved with all steps in the process including the pleadings, the initial filings of the case and the depositions. The case did end up settling, but it was one that really struck with him and affected him as an attorney. Here there was this man driving along and now he is in a wheelchair for life and is on a bag full of medications. Although he was learning to walk, he was so severely injured that it affected not only his ability to work, but it would affect him for the rest of his life.

No amount of money can truly compensate someone when injured so severely. One can never get their life back in the same way. There will always be pain and suffering and the injury may hold someone back from doing the things that he or she wanted to do in life. However, Attorney Anderson found that in handling this case, he was doing some good by helping this person obtain some compensation for the damages that he suffered.

Are People Generally Hesitant To Bring a Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Someone?

Often people are hesitant to bring a personal injury lawsuit. A lot of people don’t want to sue someone. Then there are other people who just want to get as much money as they possibly can and they’re looking at is as a scheme or a get rich quick method. Quite frankly, however, there is no such thing. Nowadays, fraudulent cases are generally vetted out quickly by the law.

It doesn’t matter what type of accident it is or what type of injury is suffered. Ninety percent of the time everything is going to be recorded. Doctors are going to do evaluations and if it ever does go to a lawsuit there’s going to be what we can call an IME, or an independent medical evaluation done by an independent doctor who’s going to examine the injured person. They will examine any x-rays or MRIs, will be able to determine if someone is faking an injury or if it is valid. If an individual is really injured then he she should be compensated fairly. No windfall of money will make a real and serious injury worth it to someone who is actually hurt. A valid personal injury suit should be to get someone compensated for his or her injuries and then move on with his or her life as best as possible.

What Are The Common Personal Injury Cases That You Handle?

The Ascent Law most often handles automobile accident cases. They do also handle slip and fall cases, as well as dog bite cases.

Do Most Personal Injury Cases Go To Trial Or Do They Settle?

There are only approximately 10% of personal injury cases that that don’t settle. Generally that is because the insurance company doesn’t see the liability or they have an expert physician or a doctor that has a different opinion than the plaintiff’s doctor does.

However, 90% of personal injury cases do settle without going to trial because once a case is presented properly to insurance companies, they will determine that there is some liability. Generally it is less expensive to pay a claim than go to trial and possibly end up having to pay the claim plus a great deal more.

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