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How to Get a Divorce When you are Struggling Financially

It’s very difficult ending a long-term relationship and even more when doing so will put a toll on your finances. This is particularly true for stay-at-home moms who are financially dependent on their spouses. Divorce can be a costly process, particularly when children are involved. But there are ways to alleviate these financial burdens and strategically plan a successful divorce with the help of a Salt Lake City divorce attorney.

How to Get a Divorce When you are Struggling Financially


  • Let’s start with your joint credit cards and any other department store card. You should cancel them before the divorce takes place. This will avoid a common problem divorcees have in court where a spouse is held responsible for the other going on a shopping spree.
  • Use joint funds to fix your car, home improvement projects, buying clothes for your children, or any other necessity. It’s best getting a divorce with everything fixed otherwise you will have to argue with your ex about who should cover these expenses.
  • Open a PO Box where all important correspondence with your attorney is kept safe.


You can open an account in your name and save some money. You will eventually tell your ex but remember this money can help you pay for your divorce. It’s also helpful to apply for your own credit cards. It will help you establish your credit and help you find financial stability after all joint accounts are canceled. If you need some cash now, you can always borrow money from trusted sources.


Keep copies of your taxes, wills, financial statements, loan applications, insurance, car registration, etc. Even if you are not sure about getting a divorce, have these documents ready. Keeping an eye on your finances may help you get a good settlement. Keep a copy of all records of separate property, including gifts and inheritance. This belongs to you but you must prove is yours.


Don’t relinquish your right to spousal support even when you think you don’t deserve it. If you waived your rights, you won’t be able to get them back. Instead of receiving monthly payments consider receiving a lump sum. Remember those monthly payments may never make it to your bank account. Avoid child support fights as it can get very costly. Tell your attorney you will rather follow the local guidelines.


Think about the stuff that you really want to keep. Don’t become greedy. It may be nice to keep your home but it’ll also cost you to maintain it. Think within your budget. Think about your degrees and their value and don’t forget assets such as vacation, flyer miles, subscriptions to magazines, timeshares, and insurances as they also have value that can be shared between both spouses.


When a person has been abused by someone he or she loves and trusts, it may take a great deal of effort to speak out. Often, victims are groomed by the perpetrators to believe that they deserved the abusive behavior. When he or she finally faces that person in court, it can be an intimidating event. There are guidelines that may be helpful to Utah residents who have experienced domestic violence at the hands of someone they care for that may offer them peace of mind.

Contacting any witnesses who may have seen the abuse occur or the injuries that resulted can contribute to a victim’s case, as testimony can be helpful in proving what happened. Any evidence or documentation that shows that abuse took place is important. This could include medical records, court testimony and police reports. Dated photos of injuries, 911-call audio tapes and other records are also relevant. If a victim does not have any of these, his or her testimony is still considered evidence and is very important.
Victims may find it beneficial to practice telling what happened prior to being asked to do so in court. It can help calm one’s nerves and help to recall any additional details that might have been forgotten. Being specific about what occurred and focusing on relevant information is crucial. Though it can be an emotional event — and there is nothing wrong with feeling emotional — it is still important to observe courtroom etiquette, such as being on time, being prepared and dressing appropriately. Concentrating on the truth and knowing that it is okay to not know the answer to or understand a question may be reassuring to victims.

There are many other helpful tips for pursuing a domestic violence case. Any Utah residents who are pursuing these types of charges as part of divorce proceedings may benefit from the advice of those who are experienced in this area. It may be difficult, but it can also be the first step to a new future.

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