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How to Get a Lawyer When a Detective Is Trying To Contact You

How to Get a Lawyer When a Detective Is Trying To Contact You

Supposing a criminal activity happened within your circle and you, as well as your friends, are prime suspects. But you know for sure that you were not involved in it in any way, though no one else knows. And so, you receive a call from a detective, summoning you to go to their precinct maybe because you are among the suspect. What would you do?

You, presumably, like anyone else, know that you’ve got nothing to hide and that you have to cooperate, go and clear the air, fix everything and get back home. However, that could be your greatest mistake because the luring and coercion oftentimes serve as a TRAP! This is why you need to have a Criminal Lawyer in Utah to help you.

By submitting naively and believing that everything will work in your favor, despite knowing that you are innocent, the detectives might use the chance to Mirandize you. Some police officers even use the opportunity to strong-arm you into saying what you never intended to say.

Did you know that the police aren’t, in any way, restricted from getting the information they need?

Typically, detectives apply the trick when they don’t want a suspect to come with a lawyer. The “get your side of the story” phrase is meant to dupe the unsuspecting and diffuse their anxiety before making one think that indeed they are guilty. Many antics are involved, all of them meant at twisting the truth and ensuring that the suspect’s storing fits in their theory and hence making one guilty.

Detectives are allowed to use any means possible, including lying to you!

Police can and will lie to dupe you. They’ll say more witnesses have mentioned you as the culprit and that they even have video and audio recordings ready to present and detain you. Others may promise that if you submit as per their demands, they’ll speak with the judge and the prosecutor so that you can be pardoned. It is a game of getting you to confess!

What You Should Do

Do not go – if you go, any statement you’ll make will be used against you.

Instead, write down the detective’s phone number and inform the attorney before letting the officer speak with the lawyer. Alternatively, give the investigator the attorney’s phone number. If the officer threatens you with arrests, your attorney will schedule your surrender. After all, you are a suspect, whether you are guilty or not.

Lawyer up!

Talking to a detective not only makes the process of incriminating yourself easy, but also puts your defense team in jeopardy. It is suggested that you preserve your rights and say nothing. Whether it is over the phone or via a physical visit, don’t say anything.

Tell them about the 4th amendment right against unlawful search and confiscation, 5th amendment right against self-incrimination and 6th amendment right to have an attorney. In the end, you’ll have protected yourself from unnecessary hassles, while allowing your defense team to defend you.

Contact your attorney

Immediately you get the phone call, save yourself the harassment and intimidation by contacting your lawyer.

Free Consultation with a Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you need help when a detective is trying to find you, please give our office a call for your free consultation (801) 676-5506. We want to help you.

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