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Is filing bankruptcy better than just not paying your creditors back?

Many people feel really bad about the decision to file for bankruptcy, and there are a number of situations in which bankruptcy is not the right solution.  The first thing you should do is call a bankruptcy lawyer who can give you some advice. At Ascent Law, we’ll give you a free consultation. However, you should know, in many instances the people who feel bad cannot, despite their absolute best efforts, payoff the debts that they owe.  In such situations, is it better to just not pay your bills or is a more ethical to file for bankruptcy?

Is filing bankruptcy better than just not paying your creditors back

There are many reasons why filing bankruptcy is much more ethical than just not paying your debts back.  What lease there is a strong argument.  When you declare bankruptcy you need to disclose all of your debts and all of your assets to all of your creditors, a trustee and the judge.  All of these people can examine what you have to see if you are living a life of luxury or there is any way for you to pay off your debts.  You are only allowed to keep those things which are considered by law, meeting as determined by Congress and the Legislature’s of each State and the judges, the essentials of life and of aiding back on your feet so that you can become a productive member of society in the future (which makes all of society benefit).  Only after this detailed scrutiny, which has been worked out in the course of literally millions of cases across the United States over literally hundreds of years, are you allowed the protections afforded by bankruptcy.  So, in reality the person who files for bankruptcy has qualified themselves, as long as they have been honest in all their dealings and disclosures and has hired a qualified attorney competent in either Chapter 7 bankruptcy or chapter 13 bankruptcy, as a non-did beat, as a person down on their lack and looking to rejoin the productive members of society, protect their health, get their books (and the books of the creditors) cleaned up and move forward with a fresh start.  This is what society wants.  This is what the law and the Constitution allow.  This is the outcome that the Bible originally caused to be set up.

Now contrast this with the person who just doesn’t pay their bills, and does not go forward with cleaning them up through methods such as bankruptcy.  This person has not shown the standard of living they maintain and subjected it to scrutiny.  This person may or may not be living a life of lecture he, that there is no way for a creditor or any other person who has a legitimate, honest interest in finding out the answer other than by their bringing a lawsuit (which has a lot of expense in society) and conducting discovery in that lawsuit, or garnishing wages were doing a Bunch of collection calls, all of which have enormous expense your it moreover this person is not doing that which is available to help protect their health, get them back on her feet and the assigned task for continued health the contributions in society.

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