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Marriage Annulment in Salt Lake City

Marriage Annulment in Salt Lake City

Today we are going to discuss how to understand the Basics of Marriage Annulment in Salt Lake City – You know, many of those struggling in ugly and painful marriages in Utah usually view divorce as the only and ultimate solution, despite the accompanying costs, messes and stigmas. Yet again, many prefer to divorce perhaps because a reasonable number of them aren’t aware of Annulment and how it works. But today, let’s look at when annulment is better and more reasonable.

Many Prefer Annulment

Marriages can be ended by annulment, besides divorce, and it helps avert embarrassments and monetary losses while allowing both parties to remarry in peace. Most of the time, as an Annulment Lawyer, we do most annulments for people who have been married for a very short period of time (although once we did it for a couple who had been “married” for nearly 12 years! Also, some religious affiliations forbid their members from remarrying once a divorce is concluded, which makes annulment the best or only option. Other individuals view the whole idea of annulment as a timely solution to erasing all bad experiences of being in an ugly relationship before starting afresh. Simply put, annulment offer what divorce can’t guarantee and in a peaceful manner.

Reasons to Opt For Annulment Instead Of Divorce

But it is important to mention that Annulment in Utah requires far much, more concrete reasons than the mere “irreconcilable difference” tantamount with divorce cases. Many specific grounds must be met, including those that justify why the marriage was illegal or never happened in the first place.

Let’s consider the other grounds for annulment as elucidated by Utah Code Section 30-1-17.1

  • Fraud – if one of the parties concealed something that directly affects the marriage’s wellness earlier.
  • Incest – when the spouses have finally discovered that they are directly related.
  • Underage – once the couple discovers that one of them is below the legal age for nuptials.
  • Bigamy – if one of the parties is still engaged and the marriage hasn’t ended yet
  • Misrepresentation – when it is discovered that one spouse cheated the other on significant facts.
  • Impotence – when a spouse is not capable of having sex.

Even when it is uncontested, the case must be heard and soberly determined with the witnesses being the husband and the wife only. Essentially, the ruling granted doesn’t depend on how long the marriage lasted, though it seems to show why a marriage isn’t something to be undone with ease.

Annulment isn’t easy – you have to find a proven attorney

Despite all these grounds looking simple and straightforward, courts in the state of Utah require valid reasons to permit annulment. For instance, it’s almost impossible to cite fraud as the major reason for the messy relationship and every reason must be proven beyond any reasonable doubt. Again, those seeking marriage annulments on the basis of being underage must justify how the nuptials took place yet a parent or the courts must grant a go-ahead.

Since annulment is arguably more in-depth and comprehensive than divorce, its success erases everything, including any records to prove that indeed there was a marriage. And when the marriage is considered “void,” there will be no marital estate. Instead, everything will be determined by the courts, including amicably distributing property.

Free Consultation with an Annulment Lawyer

If you have a question about annulment law or if you need to start get your marriage annulled in Utah call Ascent Law at (801) 676-5506. We will help you.

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