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No Job and Child Support

No Job and Child Support

Your legal responsibility to support your minor-aged child financially remains in effect, even if you are laid off or lose your job. Yes, that’s right. As a Child Custody Lawyer, I’m telling you that you must pay child support even if you don’t have work or employment. If you are not your child’s primary custodial parent, you likely have regular child support payments due to your ex. If you become unable to meet your monthly obligation, you should notify your ex, as unexplained delinquency could prompt him or her to take legal action that results in you being held in contempt of court or even forced to serve jail time. Furthermore, you should consult your Long Island lawyer and investigate your options for the following – Unemployment benefits — If you are eligible for unemployment benefits, the amount you owe in child support can be taken from those payments. Talk to the family court — If you are ineligible for unemployment benefits, you may be able to work out an arrangement in which your payments are temporarily reduced or put on hold until you find a new job. Once your employment resumes, your monthly obligation may increase in order to cover the period of missed or incomplete payments.

New employment — Consider taking a temporary or part-time job to help you meet your child support obligations until you find another full-time position. Modification — In Utah, support payment obligations are calculated using a formula. If your or your ex’s financial circumstances change significantly, you may be eligible for a child support modification, in which the courts recalculate the amounts both you and your ex owe and issue a new order. You must formally request a modification in order to initiate the recalculation process.

Supervised Visitation Time

Supervised child visitation is any time with your children that’s court-ordered and occurs under supervision of court-appointed officials, social workers or law enforcement officers.

The presence of supervision during your special time with your child can feel unnatural and make the experience difficult. It can be challenging to deeply connect with your child when there’s an outsider who is carefully listening to your conversations and watching all your interactions. Plus, these visitations often occur in locations outside your home. In Salt Lake City, they often happen at a counseling center called Renaissance.

However, there are still ways you can have positive time with your child during supervised visitations. Below are some examples of activities that will allow you to get the most from the experience – Play games: What kid doesn’t like to play games? There are typically plenty of games and toys available at these visitation locations, but you can also ask ahead of time if you can bring one of your own along. The best part about these games is that it’s easy to be sucked into the action of the game and just have fun, allowing you to forget that a supervisor is present. You can take some time to laugh and enjoy normal interactions, even in an abnormal environment.

Working on a project together can be a great way to teach your children some important skills, while also having some genuine time to share with each other. You could make a birdhouse, a refrigerator magnet, some puppets or a picture frame. Ideally, the item would be something your kids can bring home and can do again if they wish. Reading is another constructive activity that can help kids learn and improve an important skill. It is also a great way for parents to bond with their children. If you have the equipment needed to do some simple cooking with your children, you should strongly consider doing so. It’s a positive and constructive activity that makes it easy to bond with your kids. You can make cookies or brownies together, and then your children can bring them home to enjoy.

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