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Nursing Homes

Custodial nursing home care cost averages around $7500 a month, and it is estimated that nearly fifty percent of elderly Americans will spend some time in a nursing home. At $7500 a month it would not take very long for most people’s life savings to dwindle away. I am dedicated to helping assure that people in need of nursing home care do not lose the wealth they have spent a life time creating.

As you are probably aware, Medicaid is a government program designed to pay for nursing home expenses for people below a certain asset level. I handle Medicaid eligibility issues for clients who need help qualifying for Medicaid.

Failing to plan for nursing home expenses can cost you and your heirs the wealth you have spent a lifetime creating. While you may have had a will drafted, it will not protect your wealth from being depleted by nursing home expenses. A Utah lawyer experienced in Medicaid law can prepare you for nursing home care costs while preserving a majority of your wealth in trusts, deeds, and directed gifting of assets.

Our law offices also litigate nursing home victims.  If your spouse or a loved one has been injured at a nursing home, call our office immediately so that the suffering can stop and justice can be done.

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