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Relocation and Child Custody

When it comes to child custody, there are all sorts of issues that must be taken into consideration, such as the best interests of the child, paternity and whether or not the child’s parents were married, to name just a few. However, relocation can also play a role in child custody matters and it is imperative for parents who are dealing with this to understand how relocating may affect them. The first step is to look at Utah Code 30-3-37, which is the relocation statute in Utah.

Relocation and Child Custody

After separating from their spouse, some parents may have a strong desire to move somewhere else and start a new life. As if moving isn’t complicated enough for many people, a difficult divorce can leave parents feeling drained and stressed out. For those who are already overwhelmed, thinking about legal issues may feel challenging, but it is critical for parents to understand how relocation could affect them in terms of child custody and take the right approach to moving. By taking the right steps forward, parents can increase the likelihood of securing an outcome that is positive for both them and their children.

From enrolling children in a new school to starting a job and enjoying a fresh outlook on life, relocation can be very rewarding for parents who have recently split up with their spouse. Having said that, parents should not overlook any important considerations regarding relocation and should always be prepared.


When settling an issue like a child custody dispute in a Utah court, both parties are expected to be honest and upfront. In the event that one party makes groundless and/or inflammatory accusations against the other, they can compromise the integrity of their case and slow the process of achieving a reasonable custody arrangement. One professional football player may be in the midst of a drawn out child custody dispute, as it appears the mother and his child may be making false accusations against him.

The NFL player in question was granted more visitation rights to his child in June of this year. Before that, he took legal action against the mother of his child for allegedly violating the terms of their custody agreement. Now, the child’s mother claims that she is owed over $50,000 in back child support and other payments, even though court documents don’t support such claims.

The custody agreement was established four years ago. Since then, it appears that the NFL player has been consistent with his child support payments and covers other costs relating to his child. There is evidence to suggest, however, that the child’s mother violated the terms of the agreement by attempting to impose conditions on the football player’s visitation rights.

In response to his request to the court, the NFL player was granted more visitation rights to his child in June, and he now has joint custody. In the football player’s complaints against the child’s mother, he accuses her of failing to update her contact information and refusing to allow him to see the child during a particular visit.

And while the custody and visitation dispute continues, there is concern that the public nature of complaints made against the football player by the child’s mother may affect his career.

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