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Top in SLC Utah Accident Attorney

Top in SLC Utah Accident Attorney

The constant dangers that driver’s face has proven to be a result of distracted driving, driving in extreme weather and failing to properly check their vehicle for any safety regulation offenses as they move through Salt Lake City. While many people think of smaller vehicles when they hear about an auto accident, it is important to remember that trucks are involved in several accidents per year, most of which prove to be fatal. When you need an Accident Lawyer, remember to call us to talk about what happened to you.


An auto accident involving trucks such as semis and big rigs is a little different than a crash between two sedans. While both can lead to personal injury and in some cases a wrongful death, the collision between a semi-truck and a sports car is almost a guaranteed fatality. Here are some of the ways to avoid a call to your lawyer, but most importantly a fatal collision.

Familiarize Yourself With the CDL Manual

Any driver with the intent of operating a commercial vehicle should be familiar with commercial driving rules. These rules are meant to keep not only commercial drivers safe, but those around them as well. A commercial driver’s license (CDL) will be given to those who have shown the proper knowledge when it comes to driving a semi-truck — taking the time to understand these rules will save you a call to your attorney.

Truck Maintenance

Just like any other vehicle, a truck should be inspected regularly to ensure safe operation. Usually, there is a maintenance checklist that should be used as reference to make sure all required steps are taken. Just like an attorney, these lists are there to aid you.

Under the Hood

Checking under the hood is important in making sure your vehicle has sufficient motor oil, steering fluid, anti-freeze and a great way to check on your battery.

The Interior

The interior consists of making sure your seat belts are functioning, the horn works and your brakes, clutch and accelerator are in working condition.


Some things to look for when inspecting the exterior of the truck is to make sure your tires are properly inflated and that all of your lights are working; this includes headlights, taillights and your brake lights.

Driver Safety Precautions

Aside from taking the necessary steps to make sure your vehicle is in working condition, safety on the road also requires effort from the driver. The best way to avoid an auto accident and a call to your lawyer is to follow these simple rules while driving your big rig.

Remember Your Size

Semis are usually 20 to 30 times heavier than a regular vehicle and can take up to 20 to 40 percent more time to stop. While operating these vehicles, it is always important to give yourself and other drivers plenty of room. Never tailgate.

Since these semis will have less time to slow down and stop, it is best to avoid changing lanes often and know when to start slowing down. If you’re going to be traveling below the speed limit, use your flashers to let other drivers know — give yourself the time and space.

Fatigue and Idling

Never fight tired eyes; if you feel like you’re getting too tired to drive, pull over or stop at the nearest rest station. Fatigue accounts for 30 percent of truck accidents. While sleeping, loading or unloading, never leave the truck running.

Take a Break

Taking a break is not only crucial in avoiding an auto accident, but driving more than 11 hours in a row could land you in some legal trouble — if you don’t want to get an attorney involved, pull over.

Reducing the dangers of the road takes effort from sedan drivers to semi-truck drivers. An experienced lawyer can help you if you are involved in a crash, but practicing safe driving is the best way to really beat becoming another statistic.

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