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Utah Divorce Series

utah divorce series

This page has our Utah Divorce Series, which is a set of divorce videos that Mike Anderson from our office did to explain some basics of divorce in Utah.

Here is Video #1 – The Introduction to the Series:

Mike Anderson here, I’m your attorney. I’m Utah’s attorney.

And I’m here to talk a little bit about our divorce series.

Our divorce series, we’re going to be talking about why we would be getting a divorce, the steps and processes to do it, the result that is going to happen in your life because of a divorce, and many of the other steps. So stay tune for this series as we start bringing out a couple of videos here for you.

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Video #2 – What is good about divorce?

Hey, it’s Mike Anderson. I’m your attorney. I’m Utah’s attorney. And I’ve been asked today and talk a little bit about what’s good about a divorce. The reality is that divorce can be hard. It can be very, very difficult not just for you but for kids, for your spouse, everybody gets affected by it.

But there are a lot of positives that come from a divorce. When we separate from an individual that is hurting us mentally, physically, abusing us emotionally, that’s hurting our children, and a partner that doesn’t have the same kind of ideals that you have anymore, that you’ve gone at one place and they’re dragging you the other direction, if you need to leave behind bad situations in your life, these are all good things about a divorce to step away from.

The more that you take these steps away from them the happier and more fulfilling your life can be, even with them as a partner in having children or as the partner for the rest of your life. Our goal with any kind of a divorce is to make sure that your next Tuesday is much better than your last Tuesday.

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Video #3 – What do I need to bring to a Divorce Consultation?

Hey, it’s Mike Anderson here. I’m your attorney. I’m Utah’s attorney. Today, I’ve been talking about divorce. One of the most common questions I get is what do I need to bring for a consultation of a divorce? How do I find out my rights?

The reality is that your rights can vary by a lot. You don’t need anything except for your story. So if you want to call the number on the bottom of the screen, I’m more than happy to give you a consultation, find out what your rights would be in your specific situation because if you have children, if you have things in your life that you want to protect and you want to make sure that you don’t lose them, well, you need a good attorney in your corner. That’s where you call Mike Anderson, your attorney.

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Video #4 – What is Standard Minimum Parent Time in Utah?

Hi, it’s Mike Anderson. I’m your attorney. I’m Utah’s attorney. I just want to share with you a little bit about the pros and cons of a divorce. One of the biggest cons that we have always with respect to kids is that I can’t divide your kids. I can’t cut them in half and give you each one half. What we have to do is we have to find a resolution that works for both parties.

In most cases, that would mean minimum standard parent time for one or the other – of the parties, right? Your ex will see them every other weekend on a Wednesday of every week. That’s roughly the situation. Or that’s something that you would be living with.

In most cases, that’s how it goes. But every situation is unique. That’s why you need a trusted attorney, somebody that will tell you the facts and will shoot straight with you to make sure that you get what you deserve and that your kids and family are protected.

So call Utah’s attorney, Mike Anderson, right here at the number at the bottom of the screen.

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Video #5 – What are Grandparents Rights in Utah?

Hi again, it’s Mike Anderson, Utah’s attorney. I’m your attorney. And one of the things that I get a question about often is grandparents’ rights. If you’ve been the person that as a grandparent, you’ve been watching over the kids for the past six, seven years or the relationship is falling apart and the parent with custody is not letting you see the kids.

It’s always a question about what rights you have. Now, that is a very loaded question and is very, very case specific. And so because of that, I can’t give you a general – I can’t give you even a general idea because in a lot of cases, you can have all the rights in the world. Others, you don’t have any.

So that’s why it’s important to talk to a trusted attorney, somebody who has done this before. That’s why we at Ascent Law Firm and Mike Anderson, at the bottom of the screen, you can call my number and I’ll make sure that I take care of you.

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Video #6 – How is Child Support Determined in Utah?

Hi! It’s me, Mike Anderson. I’m your attorney, Utah’s attorney. And today, I’ve been talking a bit about divorce. One of the questions I always get is how do we determine child support? It’s actually not very difficult. We take the income of both parties, the husband and the wife when they are separating and we compare that against the needs of the children, and it spits out the number that’s going to tell us how much either party owes.

It’s very simple to do. It’s sometimes hard to follow. And it’s a lot harder to get your spouse to follow it in a lot of cases. That’s the reason you need an attorney. That’s the reason you need somebody to look over the number and make sure that you are actually getting what you deserve. And more than that, your kids are actually getting the money that they need and they deserve from their parents.

So call the number below, Mike Anderson, your attorney.

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Video #7 – What happens to the house in divorce?

Hi again, it’s Mike Anderson, your attorney, Utah’s attorney. We’re talking today a little bit about divorces.

And one of the biggest questions I get is about the equity and the property that they have, your house. Who gets to stay in the house? Who gets the money from the house? When do I have to sell the house?

This is a loaded question especially of you have young kids that you want to have stay in that same community. Very simply, it’s not always cut and dry. It depends on what the parties want. But for the most part, you need to divide the equity. How much money in value that that house has? You need to divide it between both parties.

Now, if you want to stay in the house or if your spouse wants to stay in the house, they would have to purchase out your share at a reasonable rate. If not, the house would into market and be sold to make sure that the parties are able to separate completely.

I want your Tuesday next week to be much better than your last Tuesday. And accordingly, my job is to make sure that you guys stay completely separate.

So if you have questions about your house and the property you have, you can call the number at the bottom of the screen here. I’m Mike Anderson, your attorney.

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Video #8 – How is retirement split in divorce?

Hey, again. It’s Mike Anderson, your attorney, Utah’s attorney. Now today, we’re talking a little bit about divorce. Another question that I get often is the spouse has only worked for a couple of years throughout their entire marriage and the other spouse have the entirety of the retirement, the 401k. The question is, is who gets what? How much of the 401k get split between the two?

Now, the answer is it depends. But the better answer is from the time that you guys got married to the time that you guys are getting divorce, how much money was gained? And we split that money between the two of you. You have the right to 50% of the other party’s retirement. So sometimes that works better for one party or the other.

The reality is, is that divorce is difficult. Divorce is hard. And you need to find a trusted attorney who can look at your situation with the experience necessary.

So go ahead and call the number in the bottom of the screen and you can speak directly to me, Mike Anderson, your attorney.

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Time for Divorce?

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