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Utah Pornography Distribution Cases

Utah Pornography Distribution Cases

Under a bill that was recently introduced in the Utah state legislature, any pornography distributed in Utah would be required to carry a warning label describing potential negative impacts to young people. The text below must be included on all pornography distributed in the state. “Exposing minors to pornography is known to the state of Utah to cause negative impacts to brain development, emotional development, and the ability to maintain intimate relationships. Such exposure may lead to harmful and addictive sexual behavior, low self-esteem, and the improper objectification of and sexual violence towards others, among numerous other harms.” In videos, the warning label must be displayed for up to 15 seconds. On printed publications, it must be prominently displayed. Failure to do so would result in legal action by the Utah Attorney General’s Office and a $2,500 fine per violation, the bill states.

The Utah State Legislature has endorsed anti-pornography stances in the past. In 2016, the legislature approved a resolution that declared porn a “public health crisis.” The resolution, a first of its kind, generated international attention on the state. However, since then, other legislatures have considered similar legislation.

How to stop pornography addiction?

Porn addiction is a tricky subject to discuss, as it is less known as a clinical issue than a slight inconvenience or nuisance. Porn addiction, however, is very real and in some cases, can be as dangerous as other more publicized kinds of addiction such as alcoholism or drug abuse. That porn addiction is slowly being recognized as a legitimate problem not only among men, but also among women, can only be a good sign. But any progress towards addressing this very common problem can only start when we also start to understand what porn addiction is and what its underlying causes are. Porn addiction is the excessive compulsive need to watch pornography. It is a subset of a much broader issue of sex addiction. While it is still not technically recognized as an official psychological diagnosis, it can lead to real and tangible consequences for those who suffer from it. The physical impact of porn consumption cannot be overlooked as well. It is quite difficult to assess if a person is suffering from porn addiction, as it can be vastly different for each individual. However, some of the possible symptoms of pornography can be found below:

Disruption of Work and Tasks

A person with porn addiction is willing to risk not fulfilling tasks or work-related activities in exchange of satisfying his or her urge to watch pornography.

Inability to stop watching porn

To a lot of people, watching porn is something they could easily stop and give up when something more important needs to be done. But porn addicts are not able to this, and often have problems controlling their urge.
Irritability, anger-management issues, and other withdrawal symptoms
Just like other forms of addiction such as smoking, drugs, or alcohol, some porn addicts also experience withdrawal symptoms whenever they try to stop watching porn. They get easily upset as they fight the urge, often to the detriment of relationships.

Uncontrollable cravings

Porn addicts may give up not only work-related tasks, but also activities that are related to their personal life such as important life events, in exchange for time to watch porn.

Development of tolerance

Just like when you develop the tolerance to more alcohol the more you drink, porn addicts also develop a greater tolerance for porn, which means that after being exposed to porn for some time, they would need a different kind or a longer time watching porn in order to be stimulated.

Sexual insecurity

Probably one of the most damaging aspects and symptoms of porn addiction is the development of sexual insecurities. Porn stars are trained and directed to do sexual things that are beyond what a normal couple would, and thus, porn addicts oftentimes find themselves falling short of what they see when they watch pornography. This can lead to insecurities ranging from physical attributes to sexual performance, which are, more often than not, perfectly normal.


While this may seem trivial, porn addicts sometimes feel the need to hide their condition so as to escape public stigma about porn addiction. They sometimes resort to lying in order to continue on their habit.

How is porn addiction acquired?

As mentioned, porn addiction is still currently being studied by expert, as it varies quite greatly from person to person. Some people might think that the amount of porn they watch is just normal and nothing to be concerned about but in reality, they might already be in the denial stage of their addiction. In relation, the way porn addiction develops in a person also varies. However, the development of technology has made it much easier for people to have access to phones. Where a few decades ago people relied in DVDs and video tapes, anyone with an internet access nowadays can go to certain websites and watch porn. Studies have been inconclusive so far as it has not received as much attention as other forms of addiction, but some reports a few years ago say that the average age of exposure to porn is at only 11 years old, which is highly concerning. The fact that there isn’t even a universal standard of how to diagnose porn addiction and how to treat is just adds to the immediacy to which this issue should be addressed.

Treating porn addiction

As mentioned before, porn addiction has not been classified yet as a clinical issue, which means that there is also no specific drug that can be prescribed for this particularly for this condition yet. But this does not mean that there is no way for you to treat this condition if you have concluded that you are suffering from porn addiction. There are a number of ways that, while may not be applicable for everybody, you can follow in order for you to combat porn addiction and the various negative side effects it may bring to you, your friends, and your family. One of the first steps in treating porn addiction is being aware that the condition is real and that it has real side effects. When one is aware, they can begin researching and figuring out if he or she indeed is suffering from this condition.

Admitting the condition and seeking help

While porn addiction isn’t yet a clinical condition, it has much of the same effects and symptoms of other kinds of addiction and thus, psychologists and other health professionals can still offer help and treatment to individuals. Various kinds of therapies such as Cognitive-behavioral therapy, group therapies, and many others are often used to help people with addiction, including porn addiction. However, this will only be possible if the individual himself or herself is willing to admit that he or she is suffering from porn addiction and seeks help.

Limit exposure to porn

With the speed information can be disseminated nowadays, in can be hard to stay away from devices which can be used to consume pornography. Mobile phones and laptops that are always connected to the internet are invaluable and necessary in today’s work routine and lifestyle, yet, they are also the main gadgets where we can watch porn. However, there are certain tools like website blockers which we can use to help us limit consumption of porn. Addicts can also share their condition with their loved ones who can hold them accountable and thus, help them limit their exposure to porn.

Take up a new hobby

One of the oldest techniques psychologists use to treat different kinds of addiction is to replace them with more constructive hobby like sports. Taking up a new hobby that you are truly excited about limits your amount of free time and keeps your mind occupied, which can often lead to the ability to curb your impulses and cravings to watch porn. These are some of the various ways one can address porn addiction. But the most important part is recognizing that this condition is real and has real-life consequences that might seem insignificant first but can greatly affect your quality of life.

How to stop pornography addiction?

There can be many ways to stop porn addiction, but the most important step is being aware of the problem. Knowing yourself and how you react to porn, as well as the absence of it, can be critical in formulating a strategy to stop porn addiction. Seeking help from your loved ones or health professionals is also an effective means to curb addiction to porn. Overcoming porn addiction, or any addiction, is a process. There is no magic pill that can immediately help you get rid of porn addiction. Ultimately, it is a combination of awareness, help from family and friends, and your own personal assessment of your tendencies that can help you overcome porn addiction.

How to deal with pornography addiction?

The effects of porn addiction can range from funny inconveniences to full-blown emotional disturbance and psychological issues. The way you can deal with your porn addiction will depend greatly on how addicted you are and how it affects your life. In any case, the real goal is to stop it altogether for the benefit of yourself, your family, and your friends.

How to cure porn addiction?

There is no “cure” for porn addiction, just as there is no cure for something like alcoholism. It is a continuous process that needs constant effort on the part of the individual. If you find a strategy that helped you stop your porn addiction, you will need to make sure that you follow it constantly so you won’t fall back into the same habit in the future.

How to fight porn addiction

Fighting porn addiction can be an uphill battle, because porn is multi-billion dollar industry and porn addiction can be really hard to quantify. However, we can start with our own families by instilling values such as respect and properly discussing sexuality to our children so that they would have better core values by the time they get exposed to pornography
How easy it is to get addicted to pornography?
Depends on the individual, as we have different responses to stimulating images or video. However, younger people and teenagers who have less knowledge and exposure to sexually explicit material can be more susceptible to porn addiction than older ones.

How to block pornography from sex addict?
Limiting the use of gadgets such as mobile phones and laptops can be a big step in blocking pornography, as the internet is the main source of sexually explicit material in our current generation. Use of website blockers or apps that limit use of internet to certain times can also help in that regard.
How to reduce porn addiction?
While it can be very hard to stop porn addiction for some people, at least reducing consumption of porn material is a bit more manageable. And it starts by assessing yourself and gauging your level of self control and discipline, creating a plan that would make you less susceptible to watching porn, and making yourself accountable through a variety of ways, one of which is telling a friend or a family member of your plans so they can check up on you.

How long does it take to overcome porn addiction?

This depends a lot on the individual, and is almost never the same among sufferers of porn addiction. Some may take just days to get rid of the addiction, while some may take months or even years to completely stop the habit. Controlling your porn addiction is highly dependent on the amount of self-discipline you have. Some people can watch porn and not be addicted to it, while some cannot live without it. Probably one of the best ways to do it is doing a thorough self-assessment of the frequency you watch porn and develop a plan to limit it.
How to defeat porn addiction?
Porn addiction will be present for as long as the porn industry is thriving, and that is why it will always be an uphill battle to prevent it. However, there are now support groups and campaigns against porn that focus on educating people about its negative effects, which is a great step towards preventing more people from acquiring this condition.
How to move past a spouse porn addiction?
If think your spouse has porn addiction, then it is best to have an open line of communication about the subject. Make your spouse feel comfortable talking about it to you, so you can both find a solution to the problem instead of playing the blame game. Figure out the source of the urge, and try to work on it together, or seek help from a professional.
How to build confidence after porn addiction?
Recovering from porn addiction is not an easy task, and does, recognizing that it will take time can go a long way in rebuilding your confidence. Also, realizing that porn addiction is just a want and not necessary in life can mean a brighter outlook towards life in general, which can lead to faster porn addiction recovery.
Should I divorce my husband because of his pornography addiction?
This is very much a case-to-case basis. Porn addiction can be either by the cause of more complicated issues, in which case you should strive to resolve it first before considering divorce, or it could be just a symptom of an underlying, irresolvable problem. In any case, if you have a husband addicted to porn then talking first to your husband about it is probably the best initial course of action.
What to do if your husband has a pornography addiction?
Talk to him about it in an objective and supportive manner. Often times, porn addiction is a result of unresolved sexual issues, in which case being his wife, you can be the best person to help him get over it.
Should I stay in a relationship with a pornography addict?
Depends on the stage of addiction and the actions you have taken so far to resolve the issue. If you have been working together to resolve the issue to no avail, then there might be other causes of the addiction that can be a factor whether you should leave the relationship or not.
Tips for Ending a Pornography Addiction
As with any addiction, the first step towards recovery is an admission that you have a problem. It’s always difficult, and may even be embarrassing or even shaming to acknowledge, but if you find that a compulsive need to access internet pornography and is interfering with your life, then it may be time to seek help. With the right counseling, these self-destructive habits can be replaced by more positive behavior patterns, and fortunately, this advice is now widely available. But there are also practical things you can do to help yourself.

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