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What Are The Top Misconceptions About Working With An Attorney For A Divorce?

There are lots of misconceptions when working with divorce attorneys. The first one is that it is going to be very expensive. It can be expensive, but that is a misconception, because most cases do not end costing $10, $20, $30,000. Most cases end up being around the $2,000 $3,000 mark. The first misconception is it is going to cost the client a fortune for a divorce. Another big misconception is that people think that it is going to happen very fast. When a client sees see an attorney, they will sign a few forms and it is over. At least in the State of Utah, it is a minimum of ninety days and it usually takes longer than that, simply because the courts in the State of Utah are backlogged. Normally if you submit an order to the judge, it is not going to be signed for at least a couple of weeks and maybe sometimes longer.

Most of the time it takes longer than ninety days, but there is a minimum of the ninety day waiting period in the State of Utah. Those are probably two of the biggest misconceptions and perhaps even one more that if when come and meet with an attorney there is an obligation to use them and the clients thinks they have to pay or something like that. At least in this firm office there is no charge for an initial consultation. Any client is free to come just pick our brains if so desired. We are not going to hunt a potential client down or harass them.

What Are The Common Reasons That People Seek A Divorce?

People who have been married thirty plus years who want a divorce, who say things to us like, “We just don’t get along any more. Our interests have changed. We have changed as people. Our goals aren’t the same and we just don’t like each other and so we just want to separate.” They can be of that nature. There can be marriages where they have been married for only a short time, less than a year and they just found that they are just not compatible. The love has turned to hate so to speak, and they just do not want to be around each other, so many issues arise. Drug and almost any addiction are common for a divorce.

Domestic abuse is very prevalent. Affairs can be another issue where people are violating their marriage vows by being unfaithful and engaging in infidelity. There is no one particular reason why the divorce rate is so high, because it is all over the board. Usually when a client comes in to see our firm whatever the issue is, it has reached the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak. They are ready to move forward. They are done. They are not looking to salvage the marriage otherwise they would be going to a marriage counselor.

Do More Men Or Women Tend To Initiate a Divorce?

It is about equal. Both men and women and it just varies as to why they would come in. A lot of times people are referred to our office and so quite frankly it is either a man or a woman who has already gone through the process that recommended our firm.

Do Men And Women Approach Divorce Differently?

Women tend to make their cases more emotional. Their feelings are more hurt than anything else through the divorce process, even if they are the ones that are initiating it and men tend to be much more stoic, much more fact oriented and they tend to see it more like a business breakup, a split up of a corporation or partnership, rather than the emotional marriage that it once was. The trend is to see people who if one of them has an attorney, the other one will then just go and hire one themselves.

For example, there was a case that was filed last month, where the firm represented the wife and he had already that same day, filed the case earlier in the morning. He filed another case in the afternoon on his own and once he found out she had hired an attorney, he went and hired his own counsel. Each side handles their cases very differently. Moms tend to care more about the kids. They are more of a nurturer, maybe that is their genetic makeup, but the guys tend to be more worried about who gets the car, who gets the house, how we are going to split this up. Their issues are more towards money and property division, not always the case, but it is pretty regular.

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