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Can Estate Planning Be Done Without An Attorney?

Yes, although people should be really careful if they tried to do this on their own. It would be like trying to do dental work on oneself. It would be very difficult because the will or trust would be determined invalid if the person did not follow all of the legal formalities.

If there was ever a fight, then the person would definitely not want the documents or their final last will and testament to be declared invalid because they had not done it correctly. This is why it would be really important to get it done through an attorney rather than trying to do it oneself.

Choosing The Right Attorney For Estate Planning

Sometimes there are advertisements that offer to handle estate planning for a really cheap price or no cost at all. At the back end they would usually be asking people to give them all their money and invest in annuities or do some other type of risky investment. They would be looking to take the person’s money, and the estate plan, would not really be in the person’s best interest at all.

There have also been cases where investment advisors placed themselves as the personal representative of the estate or something of that nature. This could be very risky because they would have a financial incentive for their client to not only die, but for them to take over all of their client’s funds and make sure the intended beneficiaries do not get the money.

It would just be very important for people to review the documents before they signed and it would be important for them to be done correctly. The attorney would not need to be the personal representative. I would not want to be named as the executor or personal representative for my client, because to me that would seem like a conflict of interest by doing that. These are just some of the warning signs that people should obviously be aware of.

Why Our Firm Is The Best Choice For Handling Estate Planning

One of the unique things about our firm is that we not only handle the estate planning but we also handle the estate litigation and probate. This means over the last 15 years, we have fought these types of cases in court and tried to defend the validity of a will or attacked the validity of a will.

I can speak from experience, as to what would or would not work in the court and I can also tell what to do or not do. We can make sure everything is done correctly so that problems did not show up in the future.

I have been involved in cases where estates were run dry, meaning the attorneys had spent all the money from the estate just battling things in court. The parties were fighting, which is ridiculous. There would be no reason for an estate to be eaten up by attorney’s fees, although that would usually happen if the parties did not prepare or plan and if they did not do it right.

We have a unique perspective because we have been in the courtroom, so not only do we draft estate plans, but we argue over them in court which is how we can tell our clients what works and what doesn’t.

I also have a background in business and have an MBA degree. I regularly work with business owners, so when I do estate plans, I look for more of an asset protection vehicle. I try to protect the businesses as well as the business owners, to keep them separate. I am able to deal with those more complex issues because of my accounting and business background.

How To Know More About Estate Planning?

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