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Divorce When You Are Older

Divorce When You Are Older

Getting divorced when you are older is also called a “grey divorce.”

Analyzing divorce trends and statistics can offer surprising insight into marriages across the state of Utah and beyond. As modern ideals and necessities continue to evolve, contemporary marriage standards and practices change as well. That is why research findings revolving around the divorce rates of one age group are so compelling.

It is now estimated that approximately 25 percent of divorcing Americans are over the age of 50. And while education levels are believed to impact the likelihood of divorce in younger people, retirement-age adults with and without college degrees are divorcing at equal rates. Such statistics are especially interesting considering that grey divorce rates have increased remarkably and less than 25 years. If you need to get divorced a good divorce attorney can help you make the right choices in your case and make sure things are done correctly.

In discussing the findings of a recent study on grey divorce, a researcher noted that several factors may be contributing to the trend. For one thing, spouses often make comparable incomes, which allows for financial independence. And beyond that, divorce is now widely accepted by people of all ages. Another factor that may be playing a large role in the trend is the fact that no-fault divorce is available in every state. Now, couples have the option of ending their marriages without necessarily having to engage in family law litigation.

While grey divorce rates may speak to the fact that older people have more freedom and opportunities than previous generations, such figures also point to major concerns for retirees’ financial security. It is also estimated that widows and married couples over the age of 50 are 80 percent wealthier than elderly divorcees.

No matter what age people pursue divorce, developing an effective divorce settlement can go a long way to secure one’s immediate and long-term financial security. Anyone with questions or concerns about his or her post-divorce finances can speak to an attorney today.


From taking care of a child’s medical needs to paying school costs, parents deal with a wide variety of financial matters related to their children. However, child support is especially challenging for custodial parents and non-custodial parents alike. In Salt Lake City, and across Utah, some parents struggle with an inability to pay the child support they owe, while others don’t receive the support they are counting on and the consequences are damaging for both. Statistics provide an informative look at the issue and may help some parents who are facing problems related to child support.

According to the Administration for Children & Families, tribal and state child support programs took in $32 billion in child support during fiscal year 2014. Furthermore, 95 percent of the funds that were collected were disbursed to families, while five percent went toward public assistance reimbursement. Three-quarters of the funds that were taken in came from paycheck withholdings and almost one out of every four American children (16 million) were served over the course of fiscal year 2014.

The U.S. Census Bureau also published information related to child support. The Bureau reports that fathers accounted for roughly 18 percent of custodial parents and that a majority of custodial parents (58 percent) had only one child. Additionally, out of the $37.9 billion in child support that was due during 2011, parents were only reported to have received roughly 62 percent of the funds. Whether a parent can’t afford to pay their child support or isn’t receiving what they are owed, confronting the problem immediately is vital.

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