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Family Attorney Salt Lake City

Family Attorney Salt Lake City

The ultimate goal when determining custody arrangements in any Utah divorce or custody case is to account for the best interests of the child or children involved. To help you do this, make sure you get a Family Lawyer to help you. It’s for that reason that the terms of a child custody agreement are legally binding. In the event that one party attempts to violate the terms of a custody agreement, a major legal dispute can ensue. One especially complicated custody dispute may have finally come to an end after months, now that a tribal court agreed that the father of two little girls should have custody of them despite the actions of their mother.


A South Dakota family law court awarded primary child custody of the two little girls involved in the case to their father in August 2013. The mother of the two young girls was reportedly scheduled to have them every other weekend. During one October visit, however, she allegedly took the girls onto tribal reservation land and reportedly filed a petition with the reservation court to gain custody of the daughters. Because she was on reservation land, the woman was not apprehended by state authorities.

Upon hearing the custody dispute in late December of that year, the tribal court ruled that primary custody was to be reinstated to the children’s father, and the girls were returned to their dad. The girls’ mother was charged with parental kidnapping and arrested.

And while they are back home with their father, there is evidence that the extended child custody dispute may have affected the children. The eldest of the two is reportedly behind in school since she missed approximately two months of class.


In order to avoid becoming delinquent on child support, parents should carefully consider their set of circumstances. In Salt Lake City, and in communities throughout Utah, some parents are able to make their payments more affordable by modifying a child support order. However, a number of conditions must be met in order for modification to be possible and the details surrounding each parents’ situation are unique.

One woman and five men were recently arrested in California due to falling behind on their child support. The parents, who all lived in Tehama County, had warrants for their arrest after failing to appear in court. Five of those arrested were in their 30’s and one was a man who was 50 years old. Under state law, the names of those taken into custody on a civil warrant cannot be released.

After they were arrested, the parents were taken to appear in front of a commissioner. A statement that was released by the Tehama County District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigation stated that other parents who have fallen behind on child support payments may also have a warrant out for their arrest.

From sleep loss to financial worries, child support matters can have a significant impact on custodial parents and non-custodial parents. For both sides, the consequences of unpaid child support can make daily life incredibly tough. On the one hand, a parent may be unable to buy food or clothes for his or her child, while a non-custodial parent could face arrest. For some, consulting an attorney could help.

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