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Family Law and Divorce

Family Law and Divorce

It’s no secret that a divorce can have a major impact on your life and your finances. To achieve the best possible settlement, it’s important to financially prepare in advance. The following steps will help you get ready for your financial future.

Collect your financial records: You will want to go into your divorce with accurate and up-to-date information about yours and your spouse’s financial status. Secure records of all open bank accounts, retirement funds, mortgages, loans and credit cards that you and your spouse have on file. Then, store the files somewhere safe at a trusted parent or friend’s house.
Secure a post office box: Having a post office mailbox allows you to receive personal and divorce-related mail at a safe location. By being the only person with access to your new mailbox, you can securely accept confidential documents from your attorneys as well as banking and credit card statements.

Begin saving in a private account: One of the most important parts of financially preparing for your divorce is to save as much as possible. Be sure you are placing your savings in a personal account that your spouse does not have access to.
Check your credit score: Pulling your credit score and report will enable you to have a clear picture of your financial standing. Take early action to improve your score as much as possible. During this time, it is also wise to start building credit by opening a card that is solely in your name.

Make a list of your property: Take a moment to create a list of all property you and your spouse share, and all property you owned before getting married. In Utah, property owned by one individual before a marriage takes place is typically restored to that person after a divorce.

Family Law Issues

Family law addresses the business of relationships—of the sometimes-hard endings needed to win new beginnings. Even as laws change and the economy falters, issues such as child custody and divorce, and relocation continue to affect real people like you every day.
We work daily to get good deals for clients and aggressively fight in court when necessary. Our top priority is addressing the unique concerns each client brings through our door.
Right now, we are seeing more cases caused by bad finances, including these issues: Modifications: When jobs are lost, financial support falters as well. Scarce financial times result in more cases involving upward or downward modification of child and spousal support.

Divorce: Fewer divorces are filed during hard economic times, but our firm has not seen a swing in the rate of cases handled. Relocation: With dim job prospects, custodial parents are looking further afield for work. Relocation can result in tough child custody battles that require equally tough advocacy from your attorneys. Financial matters: Careful legal and financial analysis is important for helping our clients move forward.
Custody: Child custody and visitation are perennial issues requiring aggressive legal help.

Family law cases can be tough. When you need a divorce or custody lawyer, look for experience and a willingness to fight to the end to get the new beginning you deserve.

Free Consultation with a Family Lawyer

If you have a question about family lawyer or if you need help with custody, please call Ascent Law at (801) 676-5506. We will help you.

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