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How to be a Safe Motorcycle Rider

Choosing to commute to work by motorcycle can save you time and money, but it doesn’t come without its risks. Making sure you’re well prepared can save you from injury in a motorcycle accident in Sandy, Utah or wherever it is you’re commuting. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents can’t be avoided.

How to be a Safe Motorcycle Rider


Even in the temperate weather of St. George, you’ll need to make sure you gear up every time your ride. Depending on your commute, you’ll need to plan your gear for the weather conditions. Make sure you have a good jacket that protects you in case of a motorcycle accident. If you’re a lawyer or a businessman that typically wears a suit to work, you might want to look into a jacket that doesn’t wrinkle your work clothes during the ride.


If you’re commuting in a region that gets cold, make sure you have gear that keeps you sufficiently warm. In cold conditions you should consider using heated grips, heated gloves, a heated vest, a neck warmer and warm base layers. Investing in a helmet with an anti-fog lens will help you keep optimal visibility in cold weather conditions and help you avoid a motorcycle accident.


Popular studies show that riders and drivers are most likely to crash within a 25-mile radius of their own houses. This is because people get comfortable close to home and stop paying attention to the road. This can also become a problem when commuting. Riding the same route every day can get comfortable, and commuters run the risk of getting complacent. No matter how many times you ride the same route through St. George, make sure you stay vigilant every single time — especially if you’re a mother, a father or a lawyer.


You finally did it: You bought the Indian Scout that you’ve been dreaming about since you were 17. You’ve been slowly saving for the past year or so and gradually breaking the news to your friends and family: You bought a motorcycle, and you’re beyond ready to take it out on the road.

If you’re new to motorcycle riding, there are a few basic turning maneuvers that can help you avoid becoming the victim of a motorcycle accident as you streamline down the freeway from West Jordan, Utah to Southern Utah. Here are some of the best turning moves to know to avoid becoming the victim of an accident and consequentially having to call a lawyer.

The Outside-Inside-Outside Maneuver

When turning a corner in a motorcycle, the general rule of thumb dictates that you enter the turn on the outside, gradually move through the turn on the inside and then exit on the outside. There’s actually a science behind why this maneuver works so well: It allows you to see farther down the turn and anticipate a situation that might cause a motorcycle accident and the consequential need for a lawyer. It doesn’t matter if you’re making a quick turn while entering the freeway in West Jordan or traversing a roundabout on the East Coast.

This maneuver will help prevent a serious motorcycle accident.

Accelerate Through Turns

It’s critical to also briefly discuss speed. Contrary to what might seem like common sense, motorcyclists should actually accelerate through turns, not brake. Braking in the middle of a turn will force your motorcycle to stand upright or even slide out, and will almost certainly catapult you into the dirt on the side of the road. Although that curvy freeway entrance in West Jordan might look intimidating, don’t slow down — doing so might result in a motorcycle accident that almost certainly requires a lawyer.

Mastering a turn on a motorcycle takes practice, but it’s well worth it. Before you take that beautiful Indian Scout out on any major roads this summer, master these turning maneuvers to decrease your chance of an accident.

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