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Questions And Answers: How A Salt Lake City Gun Trust Lawyer May See The City’s Laws On Firearms

Questions And Answers: How A Salt Lake City Gun Trust Lawyer May See The City’s Laws On Firearms

Michael Bloomberg has made known his sentiments on gun control, and less vocally, so has Salt Lake City mayor Ralph Becker. Both Democrats, the similarities between the two mayors may end there, at least in regards to laws on firearms in their towns. Becker sees gun laws as common-sense, but he’s not making waves in the press, and even though he signed a letter “advocating a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, along with universal background checks,” he’s not speaking up much about it, according to the article in the Salt Lake Tribune. What this means for firearm owners in the valley and the impact it will have on entrusted ownership can vary, as a Salt Lake City gun trust lawyer would tell you. But first, why is Becker seemingly so unconcerned about gun violence?

According to Becker’s statements to the press, it’s because he just hasn’t been all that involved. His votes are against looser gun laws, but he doesn’t see that he’ll make much of an impact, so he’s “not going to spend much time on it,” and says, “I just don’t have a strong opinion on it.” But if confronted with the issue, Becker may have to take a clearer stance, especially if dealing with The Second Amendment Foundation, which is “going state by state and city by city…demanding they repeal gun restrictions” that are considered unconstitutional. But what about the thousands of citizens who already own guns? How should they hang onto their rights? These are questions that a Salt Lake City gun trust lawyer could have some insight into.

In terms of the trusts, some attorneys have been known to say that a “trust is really a legal fiction,” which can be confusing, to say the least. So why create one? What is the purpose of a trust? Traditionally, they’re created “by placing legal title to assets in one person for the benefit of another,” like when trust fund kiddos have money waiting for them as designated by their wealthy parents. But in an interesting twist, some “modern statutes allow creation of a trust in which the creator is both the trustee and the beneficiary,” which is kind of like saying “these things that are mine now are mine later.”

Confused yet? Trusts are tricky, and that’s why getting some good insight into their creation and management by a Salt Lake City gun trust lawyer can help sort out the seeming conundrums of the arrangement. The primary thing a trust will do is outline assets and create a clear plan for them after the creator of the trust, presumably the owner of the asset, is deceased. But they also create special taxation categories and legal privileges for the assets contained in the trust, which might be useful for grandfathering in descendants to firearm property if gun laws ever shift to a more European model of abolishment of firearms altogether. While this is an eventuality that’s highly unlikely for America, due in large part to organizations like the National Rifle Association and The SAF, it may be best to be prepared, a Salt Lake City gun trust lawyer might say. Especially if the firearms owned are of historical or sentimental value: no one should be without protection of valuable and important family assets.

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