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Utah Law on E-Cigarettes

Utah Law on E-Cigarettes

There are still people in the state of Utah that smoke. It seems the new generation of smokers is here ready to replace the older generation which is dying off from cardiovascular and pulmonary disease. Currently approximately 10.6% of the Utah population smoke, as of 2009 according to the centers for disease control. This is important for mission as it helps us understand what challenges Lea before us. Statistics, demographics, and other factors related to tobacco use of violence with you to development of a comprehensive tobacco control policy.

When it comes to cigarettes a lot of people have switched to e-cigarettes. For all intents and purposes these are the same.

A study of Utah Law shows that Minors who do not begin smoking before the age of 20 or less likely to pick up a tobacco have it later in life. Minors are impressionable, and many start smoking have a way before the age of 18. To prevent minors from developing harmful habits, the nationwide legal smoking ages 18 years of age.

Smoking Regulations in Utah

The Utah indoor Clean Air Act contains the law regulating smoking in Utah. The ACT generally prohibits smoking in all places of public access in Utah. Places of Public Access means any enclosed indoor place of business, Commerce, banking, financial service, or other service related activity. Such place may be publicly or privately owned and may or may not be operated for profit. The general public will have regular access to the places of public access and this includes buildings, offices, restaurants, shops, elevators, restrooms and other areas. This also means Transportation areas including common carrier waiting rooms, cafes, cafeterias, taverns, shopping malls, retail stores, grocery stores, arcades, theaters, concert Halls, libraries, Museums, Art Galleries, planetariums, historical sites, auditoriums, arenas. this would also include laundromats, salons, hospitals, doctors offices, dentist offices, gyms, and what are commonly known as Sports and Fitness facilities.

Utah Law on Vaping and E-Cigs

Some Utah representative has proposed putting a ban on vaping purchases online. This area of law is still developing and we have represented vaping stores and online vaping stores in Utah. If you need legal help with this, please call our office and we can help you.

Utah law also mandates that places where smoking is permitted should meet with certain requirements. The enclosed area where smoking is permitted must be designed and operated to prevent exposure persons outside the area to tobacco smoke generated in the area. If a lodging facility permit smoking in designated smoking areas in allowed guest rooms, or if a nursing home, assisted living facility, small Healthcare facility, or hospital with a certified swing bed program permit smoking in designated smoking – allowed private residential sleeping rooms, the facilities are handling system or systems must not allow air from any smoke allowed area to mix with air in or to be used in any part of the facility which is a place of Public Access. This would include any common areas of the facility dining areas, lobby areas or hallways.

Utah law has laid down specific penalties in case of violation of the smoking regulations. A first violation of the Utah indoor Clean Air Act as a civil penalty if not more than $100. A second and subsequent violation is a civil penalty of 100 to $500 and authorities responsible for enforcement of this are the State Department of Health and local Health departments. There is no private cause of action that we know of at this time.

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