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When Your Minor Child is Pregnant

When Your Minor Child is Pregnant

If your underage daughter becomes pregnant, there are understandably a lot of issues that will cause significant heartache, stress and possible pain. Despite all of the emotions that you might be feeling upon hearing the news, it is important that you maintain a clear head and sit down with your daughter regarding all of the legal options that are available to her regarding her pregnancy.

The following is some important information that you should consider discussing with her – Utah abortion laws. If your underage child decides that she wants to have an abortion, you must understand that in the state of Utah, your parental consent is not required for her to make that decision and obtain the procedure. Even if you disagree with your child’s decision, you cannot legally intervene. However, you can have an open discussion with your daughter to make sure that she understands the decision and that it is her intent to go forward with it.

Adoption considerations. If your child decides to give birth and give up the child, there are numerous adoption agencies with which you can place the child soon after birth. Your child should understand that this decision is not reversible and she will likely never be a part of the child’s life. There is also the option to allow the child to choose the parents that will adopt her child, which is likely to be more legally complicated but does offer greater control. The father’s rights. The father of your daughter’s child may have certain rights that could add some legal complications. You may need to obtain the consent of the father before placing the child for adoption. If your child decides that she will raise the child, the father may be responsible for child support payments.

Do Grandma and Grandpa Have any Rights to Visitation in Utah?

Divorce affects all who are touched by it and grandparents are among those likely to be injured. Grandparents are often left out in the cold in terms of custody and visitation. While many jurisdictions are slowly granting grandparents rights to see their grandchildren, Utah is far from being on the cutting edge in this area. Nonetheless, Utah does have a statute that deals with the rights of grandparents in certain situations. This issue is ripe for exploration and for setting positive precedents for the grandparents of the state. There has been a case about 2 years ago that struck down the law. Recently in a case the judge refused to grant grandparent visitation. This is a tricky issue that you should talk to a lawyer about in person or over the phone because the unique circumstances of your case will make a big difference in the outcome.

Grandparents are up against a public policy of allowing parents to raise their children free from intervention by those they choose to exclude. When one or both of the parents is deceased, grandparents have a stronger position in claiming rights to visitation being in the best interests of the grandchild.

If the parents are alive, grandparents face more difficulty in winning rights to visitation. Grandparents who wish to seek court ordered rights need to establish a meaningful relationship with their grandchildren. If they are not allowed to see grandchildren, they should keep a detailed record of their attempts to contact them. Birthday cards, phone calls and other attempts at contact can help in this type of battle.

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